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hi all, I have really bad eczma on my scalp and some other parts of my body and have had since I was very little. However, when I was on my packs it completely disappeared. It was amazing not to have to deal with it and gave me so much confidence.

Now Im back on food though it has returned and I hate it. Especially that stuff on my head as it looks like I've got awful dandruff and its also in my ears on parts of my face. Wish I knew what the magic ingredient was in the packs that I'm clearly missing from my daily diet. Or what is in my diet that's causing it it the first place.

Has anyone else experienced medical problems (not related to being overweight) going away on LL? I want to go back on the packs to get rid of it again. It's driving me nuts!!

Sorry, one day very soon I'll post with something not related to my ailments lol xx
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Always Struggling...
Hi Rachel,

I can sympathise with your eczema woes cos I suffer from it as well. :(

I get really dry flaky skin around my hairline (behind my ears etc) as well. Maybe it's the shampoo you are using? I am using Neem shampoo and Head & Shoulders (for dry scalp) conditioner. That seems to soothe the dry scalp. Maybe you could try that and see if it works?

My skin gets worse when summer arrives and the weather gets warmer. :(

Oh well....as my doctor always tells me...it is incurable....(I know...his bedside manner needs some work!)

Hope your skin feels better soon. :)

Love Lisa
I've had it since I was six and it definitely gets worse at different times of the year. It tends to get incredibly sore when the skin breaks and bleeds (nice I know!) Given that my hair is so much thinner now I think it makes it all the more noticeable around my hairline.

LS, think you're right about it being somthing that Im eating as opposed to something in the packs. An interesting discovery all the same. Think I'm going to have to get myself tested for food allergies too.

Lisa, H&S is the worst thing for me as it dries everything out and makes it worse. I have two prescription shampoos that smell horrific that I alternate every month. I also have a scalp application that feels like its burning through my skull!

I think now I've found I can get it to go away by not eating something in particular, I want to find out what the trigger is so I can get it sorted. Just another thing to get sorted out health wise!! I feel like a walking medical journal at the moment!!

Thanks for the feedback xx


Always Struggling...
Have you tried the new H&S especially for dry scalps though, Rachel? H&S used to dry my scalp as well, but I saw this new conditioner and gave it a try.

Also, what are you using to moisturise your skin. A really good moisturiser is Doublebase. You can get it in a tube or in a big 500g pump dispenser. My skin is so much better after using this.

I know....it's terrible when your skin bleeds and cracks. It is so sore that you can't even move without feeling pain...

What prescription shampoos are you using? Nizoral? Alphasol? (I think that's what it's called!)

I think it's a good idea to get tested for food allergies.

You know what? I got patch testing done and brought all my creams etc to get tested to see if I was allergic to anything. Guess what I am allergic to?! Hydrocortisone! Something which my doctor has prescribed me for 10 years to "soothe" my eczema....instead it was making my skin worse....
I have very bad eczema and after countless years of trying to get the doctor to do something about it i read in a magazine that allergies can bring out the worst in eczema, so off i go for a allergy test where the lady pricks my finger and tests all different things to see how i react and turns out im allergic to TOMATOS!! she told me that although i wont feel any affect internally, the tomatos are making my skin react and bringing out the eczema and that if i tryed my best to cut them out of my diet that i would see great improvements and she was right, i now hardly suffer and if i do its only 10% as bad as i was a few years ago. Might be worth giving it a go?
Tomatoes? Wow, never thought it could be something as simple as that! Once Im over my glandular fever Ill be getting the Dr to see what I'm allergic to. Just hope its something I can live without!


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Hi Rachel
Just to add to the above, we have worked out (he hasn't had any tests) that my OH's eczema flares up really badly when he eats bread - so definitely worth cutting things out for a couple of days, or going for the allergy tests as KayGill suggests.
Good luck xx