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Munching my way through an alpen light bar and thought uuhh, have they changed their recipe? (Choc+fudge flav)..it tasted more nutty and not fudgy..and hard. Half way through eating the bar, i looked at the date and it was best before june 2010.

This has pissed me off! I brought 2 single bars from the corner shop, as the local sainsbury's mini shop didnt have any light ones. FFS..39p each they were! The other one is in date thankgod. :mad: Eeeyuck, put me off them. :(

Why cant ppl who own shops check dates on stuff? I usually do when i go and buy milk and see the date on it, but never thought to check a flipping cereal bar.
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Ew indeed! I started muching on some WW crisps the other night only to realise they were a YEAR out of date! Lol. I would say something to the shop you got the Alpen bar from mate x
take it back and complain u might get a few free ;)
Were you poorly when you had those ww crisps? i dont wanna be ill.. i have a bad phobia of being sick. :(
you will not be ill, its a best before date not a use by date, the 2 are totally different things!! Best before just means it may be more chewy or have lost some of tha flavour etc, use by would probably be more likely to make you ill as it would have an ingredient which goes off in it


Plodding on.......
Dried stuff is good for AGES afterwards. If I had spotted that date, I might still have eaten it anyway. My crisps are usually a few months out of date (because I don't eat them very often) and they're usually fine (occasionally a bit less crispy). I'm sure you won't be ill but it may be worth going back to the shop anyway because they shouldn't have sold them.

Gail x