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Eeyore's Exante Diary

Hello Everyone!

I have started a diary as its my fist diary of exante today and hopefully it will be a useful in helping me stick to the diet and shift the weight.

I reached my maximum weight of arround 16 and 1/2 stones xmass 2009 and since then I have been trying to lose weight via calorie counting and healthy eating, although I have managed to greatly improve my diet and get to just over 14st I would love the weight to come of quicker and reading the other experiences on this site made me thing exante might be the way forward.

I have also been using the Kifit calorie monitor to keep an eye on my daily calorie burn and it is a great litle gadget although pricey and it isn't the most fashionable thing to have on your arm.

So Day 1 ....

B - Chocolate Shake - found it very salty and not very chocolately but not awfully unpleasant.

L - Coc Orange Bar - Quite nice but definatly not as tasty as normal cereal bars (which is a good thing as I would end up eating them all in one go!)

D - Vegetable Soup - Tast reminds me of pot noodle and I thought it was quite nice althought quite a strange consistency.

I have found that with the shake and soup I'm OK untill about half way through and then eating begins to become unpleasent and in the finally mouthfulls I'm feeling quite sick.

I'm definatly feeling the effects all ready as I feel like I'm coming down with a bug, tired, dizzy, finding it hard to concentrate.

Roll on ketosis :)
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Best of luck xEeyore. I write in a journal on the way to work in the morning and I find writing down what is going on really helps. x
Good luck!

I find that an entire soup makes me nauseous. So I eat half a pack with less water, and then 2 - 3 hours later I eat the other half. It's a great way of keeping your hunger at bay and you don't end up with that sick feeling.
I try to split my bars in half too as often as I can.
That way, having my shake in one go, I eat about 5 times a day
I missed 'breakfast' this morning as I woke up late so didn't get my first meal till 12.30. I had the toffee and nut bar and I found it pretty silimlar to the chocolate orange, quite nice tasting but with a werid texture.

I had a hot vanilla shake when I got home at 5.30 and it wasn't too bad but again I found it a strugle to eat it all and felt sick towards the end.

I am planning to try the mushroom soup for dinner tonight.

So far no food cravings ...
Good luck!
How's day 2?
Hi Eeyore the hunger will soon disappear, you'll also feel a lot better when you see that first big loss on the scales - well done and keep going strong!
Ok so managed day 3 OK, I think I'm craving taste more than anything else.

I split my soup into two portions tonight and it went down much easier.

Also I seem to be getting hot flushes for no aparant reason, anyonne else experienced this?
Ok day 4 and I was a bit naughty!

I ended up having two brownie squares and two small cookies. They are homemade from my housemates mum and I managed to resist until 10pm, constantly walking past them all day. I am dissapointed but I just can't let myself give in and binge now!

Its definatly better not to give into the cravings as now I have even worse cravings!

I also ended up buying some physillium husks today as been having toilet trouble so hopefully that will help.

I have also been experimenting with cooking the packs. I have made the shmuffins from strawberry and vanilla shakes and I find these much more managable. I have also tryed making a popadom from half a soup pack, not sure if I've cooked it enough but its just cooling now...
xEeyore said:
Ok so managed day 3 OK, I think I'm craving taste more than anything else.

I split my soup into two portions tonight and it went down much easier.

Also I seem to be getting hot flushes for no aparant reason, anyonne else experienced this?
YES! I don't know what that's all about. But for the first 5 days, I needed to switch off the heating at home and on occasion thought I was gonna pass out 'cause I was so hot!
Luckily it's over now though.
So after yesterdays blip, I have had a pretty good day. I have a chocolate shmuffin for breakfast and quite enjoyed it and then I had a bar for lunch, just about to have the veggi soup for dinner.

I found it funny that I came out of the shop today with my treat of coke zero when usually my treat from the shop is a 100g share bag of crisps, a large bar of choc and a pack of biscuits - which I would then go on to devour in one sitting!
First weight in this morning and I lost 6lb - this is 5 days exante and 2 days low cal, very happy!

I celebrated by wearing a T-shirt I bought years ago but was always too tight - I have a load of clothes just weighting to be worn lol!

I am getting much better with the packs and managed my soup fine tonight.

Hope everyone else is doing well!
Well done Eeyore. Good luck this week =)

I know what you mean about having a load of clothes waiting to be worn, my wardrobe is bulging at the min from all the clothes I've pulled out of storage since I'll be able to wear them soon. I think it's the "fatty" stuff taking up most of the room though ^.^

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