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Eggs - Yes or no?

i usually stay clear of them .. but on occasion i have 1 egg scrambled (skimmed milk and pepper) on a wholemeal slice of bread for brekkie , dont have any side effects but everyone is different.

Eggs are over the 5percent fat mark though (im sure of it) best see what ali says shes better at this then me xx
1medium egg ( approx 58g) is about 5.9 g of fat ( or there abouts...so just over 11% fat)
Personally I stayed away from eggs, but that was because I love em, and would quite happily have 3 of them in an omelette :rolleyes:
Also the over 5% fat affects everyone differently...some peeps are fine, some get the dreaded orange oil. Only one way to find out lol
yup ali i know what you mean.. its up to you really if you want to try and find out if your body will allow then try but id say no more then one at a time in any cases lol.. i used to eat 3 haha
o my gawd, i didnt even think of eggs being a problem, they were free on SW so I have eaten a fair few this week and on Xenical, not had any problem as yet...had a hard boiled one yesterday and one in a sarny.... I gotta be a bit more careful tho i could easily have come undone !!hehehehehe at the seams quite literally :)


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Ive been eating eggs and not had any side effects! i have poached eggs with my beans and toast taste's yummy!

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