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Egypt? (Sharm Sheik) and Rhodes? whats it like there?


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Hi my 19 year old daughter and I are planning a hol to either Egypt (Sharm) or Rhodes. (all inclusive as works out cheaper in the long run)

We`ve never been to either. What is Egypt like? Ive heard its quite dirty and a lot of people get bad stomachs.

Weve not had a hol for 7 yrs and using vouchers Ive saved to pay a large amount of it so want to get it right.

We are going 1st may but not booked either yet.

Does anyone know what the weathers like beginning nay in Rhodes or another part of Greece?

We are going with Cosmos and they just seem to want to sell a holiday... any hoiday but as just me and my daughter going want to make sure Egypt is safe enough.We will mostly be at hotel but may want to venture to naama bay town?

Thank you karen
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Plodding on til its gone
ps I have to go with Cosmos as can only spend my vouchers with them. If had a choice would go to Thomsons or somewhere else.
Id choose rhodes every time!!

Egypt sounds waaay too scary, especially 2 women! I've been to rhodes! Was amazing! So pretty and traditional!! Definately recommend!! :D


Plodding on til its gone
Hi Hannah,

Have you been there the first 2 weeks in May before? just wondered if its hot then as only start of season.
No I haven't but the trip advisor forums say the temps are around low to mid 20s, which is like british summer anyway! I'm sure it will be lovely, anywhere will be better than british weather!
Me & my sister went to Egypt (Sharm) & it was brill, we went all inclusive & the waiters really looked after us. We went to the beach, took the hotel bus into the nearby town & generally relaxed. We did walk up mount Sinai to watch the sunrise, it was amazing & worth seeing if you like walking.

We were both ill, my sister more than me & apparently 9 out of 10 people are. But if you go to the chemist whilst out there whatever they give you works. We didn't find it dirty.

I've never been to Rhodes.


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We went to Sharm. Once. Never. Again!


Plodding on til its gone
Thanks Hannah and happy holidays.

Barb what didnt you like about Sharm? is there something I should know lol :D


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I would choose Sharm hands down. I have been to Rhodes too (Falaraki) which was good at the time, but too old for that now.

I too went with my 18 year old daughter to Sharm and we had a fab time. As long as you have your wits about you and can say 'No thanks' in a firm but friendly manner I am sure you will be ok and have no problems. I loved it and am looking to go back very soon.

Have a nice time wherever you choose.


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Thanks Mia

I think we`ve settled on Sharm now. Been reading a lot about people getting bad tummys out there.

When we went to Turkey ages ago we even brushed out teeth in bottled water so will do the same in Egypt as think the water is a lot worse there from what Ive heard. Also been reading that they can be a bit pushy especially as 2 females on our own but like you say a polite no thank you should do it.

Just want to relax and have a quiet 2 weeks with no hassle :)


Plodding on til its gone
Thanks happy holidays Ill do that.How much would you suggest I tip and how often? x
We went to sharm in jan and it was lovely. We didn't get any illness and that includes my 8 and 3 year olds. I just used common sense and avoided high risk food etc (as I would at buffet style dining here!) they used exactly the same cleaning stuff as the chain restaurants over here use.
Loved sharm. But need to go to good hotel. Check on trip advisor before booking.
Also check your vouchers, I tried to use some but didn't really end up cheaper.
Get couple of quotes from cosmos, Thomas cook ect... To compare.
And take diahorea tablets to Egypt, but sooo nice out there, tropical fish in the sea are amazing!
Thanks happy holidays Ill do that.How much would you suggest I tip and how often? x
I'm so sorry I forgot to get back to you on this.

We tipped the waiter about £5 on the first night & then smaller amounts (less than you'd normally tip) after that. It was worth it as we got excellent service.

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