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EIEIOO's food diary - comments welcomed!

So I'm new to the forum and have found these food diaries great for recipes and guidelines so thought I would start one of my own! I welcome any advice or comments on how to mix things up abit! :D

So today was a GREEN DAY, and I was hungry lol

Breakfast: 2 weetabix (HeB), with skimmed milk (HeA)

Lunch: 2 quorn sausages and a tin of heinz spaghetti, and a cup of coffee

Dinner: stir fry veg with soy sauce and a few spices and some asda fresh egg noodles which I syned as i've just discovered the fresh ones have a syn value

Snacks: Muillerlight poured over a chopped up banana and apple

also about to go and do one of davina mccalls 30 minute workouts :)
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oh that was another question i had to ask, is it essential to have all your healthy extras each day? and is it 1 HeA and 2 HeB's? just find it a bit confusing sometimes
Another hungry day so decided to go GREEN

Breakfast : 2 quorn sausages & one egg scrambled, tsp of red sauce (1/2 syn) class of water

Lunch: toastie made with 2 light laughing cows (HeA), 2 slices of kingsmill wholemeal bread (HeB x2), mushrooms and onions. Had a small bowl of home made vegetable soup, stock was made from water and one knor stock cube which i added barley and lentils to, is this syn free???!? i think i read that barley and lentils boiled were syn free? and also that knor stock cubes were now syn free

Had a late large lunch so probably will not have dinner as I'm heading to a house warming and plan on having a few morgans spiced and diet coke
anyone know the syn value for morgans spiced or sailor jerry rum??
S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
yeah its pretty important to get your A's and B's in :)
on red and green days you must have two B's but you can have either 1 or 2 A's. on extra easy days you must have 1 A and 1 B xx
well yesterday was going so so well

breakfast: 2 nimble bread (HeB) & banana

Lunch: chicken breast (HeB) with wholegrain mustard (1 syn) on it and some baby tomamatoes cut on top and all cooked under the girl, with one small baked potato and a some garden peas

dinner : syn free mushroom soup, and a muillerlight

then my lovely boyfriend came up with a takeaway pizza and i had to have 3 slices

im ashamed! its the time of the month where i get ultra hungry but still no excuse
hopefully today will be better

on a better note... i went shopping on saturday for a wedding outfit and realised i've dropped a whole dress size!!!!
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so today was a good day, and it was GREEN

Breakfast: 2 weetabix (HeB) skimmed milk (HeA)

Lunch: Beans & 2 nimble bread slices (HeB) with a teaspoon of flora pro activ (1/2 syn) & an apple

Dinner: 1 Quorn southern style burger (2.5 syns) with some asda savoury rice

Snack : 1 breadstick (1 syn)

Syn total = 4
yet another GREEN DAY

Breakfast: 2 nimble bread (HeB) coffee with a splash of skimmed milk, 1 laughing cow & 1 babybel (HeA)

Lunch: one tin of chickpea and sweet potato soup & a packet of velvet crunch (4 syns)

dinner: 2 fish fingers (6 syns), 2 slices of nimble (HeB) 1 tbsp of red sauce (1 syn), champ & peas and finished with a muiller light

total syns - 11
RED DAY for a change

Breakfast : a boiled egg and 3 nimble wholemeal (HeB) with a cup of tea and a splash of milk (1/2 syn)

: a few pieces of cooked chicken, 2 turkey rashers & 2 slices of nimble wholemeal (5 syns) & a diet coke

Dinner: Syn free sausages, baked beans (HeB) and a yoghurt

Snacks - 2 babybels (HeA) & one other cup of coffee (1/2 syn)

Syns for today = 6


S: 13st11lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 2st2lb(15.54%)
I think it's only Weightwatchers bread that's 3 slices for a heb. You may have to syn 3rd slice at breakfast. Other than that your menu looks great.
thanks for your comment knitter! had a pretty synful weekend with friends and family members birthdays :-( but im back on track today

Green day

Breakfast - quorn sausage & one scrambled egg

- 2 nimble (heb) beans & 3 laughing cow (hea)

dinner - baked potato with 100g sainsburys fresh chicken & bacon pasta (5 syns) also mixed in a teaspoon of branstons hot chilli & jalepeno relish... anyone know the syn value?
another green day

- green tea, muillerlight, apple

lunch - 2 quorn sausages, 2 nimble bread (heb) and one poached egg & a packet of walkers squares ( 5 1/2 syns) ... green tea

dinner - one quorn sausage, a free pasta n sauce, 2 nimble bread (heb) and 2 laughing cows (hea)

snack - 4 midget gems (1 1/2 syns)

syns used - 7

- 2 nimble (heb) 3 turkey rashers, 2 eggs scrambled & a teaspoon of red sauce (1/2 syn)

Lunch- banana and a muillerlight

dinner - chicken and veg 4 egg omlette, with 2 laughing cows... dessert was 2 rich tea crushed (4 syns) with a vanilla muillerlight poured over it and half a banana chopped on top DELICIOUS!

snacks - packet of square crips (5 1/2 syns),

syn total =10

think i've ate too many eggs this week already so no more until next week, i'm slightly sickened
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EXTRA EASY - Very hungry today!

Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs, one piece of wholemeal bread (Hex), one laughing cow light (hex) apple and a Glass of orange+mango squash no sugar

Lunch - A bowl of vegetable soup, 1 laughing cow, one slice of chicken. 2 chocolate sweets (5 syns) 1 After 8 (2 syns)

Dinner - Slimming world syn free wedges, chicken breast stuffed with 3 laughing cows mixed with fresh chives & chilli. Tbsp of light mayo (2 syns) A fat free activia

Snacks - 2 choloate sweets (5 syns)

Total syns = 14
Extra easy - very hungry yet again!

- porridge (hex) milk (hex) and banana

Dinner/Lunch - Potatoes, chicken (with some seasoning out of a packet of flava it, not sure on the syns in it) and a load of veg and some gravy (2 syns) and one chocolate sweet (2.5 syns)

Supper - 2 rounds of wholemeal bread (8 Syns) with 1 tsp of low fat spread (1 syn) 2 slices of ham, mandarine orange, apple & a cup of tea

Total syns = 13.5
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, w/meal bread (Hex), with flora, fruit salad

Lunch: spaghetti, fruit salad, 1 cadburys chocolate finger

Dinner: vegetable soup, savoury rice & veg with a drizzle of sweet chilli,& some berries for dessert

2.5 syns for rice
1 syn Sweet chilli
1 syn for flora
1.5 syns for chocolate finger


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