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Eilean's giving JUDDD a chance


I'm sure I have hip bones
Hello all,

I know I officially start on June 1, 2010 but I wanted to start a little diary beforehand to make sure I really return and actually do give JUDDD a chance.

To be fairly honest I am still not 100% convinced that JUDDD is for me or that JUDDD is really working, but an attempt won't do any harm. I have tried so much so far, e.g. counting calories, no carbs, no fat, one meal a day and nothing worked. I lost 22 lb but that was it and I just don't want to accept that 22 lb is all I will get rid of.

I hope this diary will help me to keep a close eye on what I eat and on my progress, which hopefully will be a positive one.

I will see you all on June 1, 2010 :) .
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JUDDD Worshipper
Hello Eilean! I am about to start JUDDD as well! Maybe we can give each other some motivation? I have introduced myself in the JUDDD threat, but it seems nobody has seen it yet LOL! I will follow your diary eagerly. All the best for you!



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Good luck Eilean. It is best to keep a diary then you know exactly what you are eating. Best of luck and keep us up to date.

I have introduced myself in the JUDDD threat, but it seems nobody has seen it yet LOL! Phoenix
Really? myself, Shanny and MsJMC have all responded to your threads.


I'm sure I have hip bones
Thank you both, I will keep you up to date and to be honest at the moment I am a bit miffed that there is still so much time until the 1st. But it would be stupid to start now, before my holidays.


I'm sure I have hip bones
My first day is an Up Day to keep the routine going. I have the book now and can't wait to read it. I hope it will give me some answers to a couple of question I have, like "can I do two UD in a row?".

I haven't eaten anything all day, not because that's part of my JUDDD day but because I don't have anything. I forgot to bring my lunch so I have to stick with water until 1.. then I will hit Tesco and get some food into my system.

Oh and typically after a holiday.. I put on weight :( .
Good luck with juddd Eilean!! Hope it all goes fantastoc for you, make sure you keep us posted with how you get on xxx


I'm sure I have hip bones
Thank you Stirky :) !

I am on DD today and feel fine because I normally never eat before 11 (UK time!) on a working day, so half an hour to my first bite and I am not even particularly hungry yet.

Amazing to see how much you can eat for 500 kcal. I think my experience as calorie counter helps a lot there. I actually have more to nibble on today than I had on my UD yesterday! :eek:
Yes I always hold off eating as long as possible on a dd, really helps as once you kick start your body into eating it doesn't want to stop! 500 cals is great to spread out over an afternoon/evening and it is quite easy to do so (yes it is amazing what you can have for 500 cals!!), but harder to do over an entire day if you have breakfast, I know I tried it ONCE lol!!! I like to split my cals on a dd into 5 x 100 cals and space it out over the afternoon/eve, works well :D

I'm on a dd today too, hope it's going well :)


I'm sure I have hip bones
Thanks stirky, for your posting and advice, the 5x100 kcal portions sound good to me. I have smaller portions like 56 kcal as well, which make the food last even longer.

Maybe you can help me though.. I am still a bit unsure about how many calories to eat on an up day? 2000 like it is mentioned in the book? or do you just eat whatever healthy food you like until you're full?
Yes I sometimes have things that are less than the 100 cals, like fruit or go ahead slice etc, which is great as you have some cals left over for later if you want them :D

Yes you'll prob find at first you go a bit ott on up days and have to really keep them in check. Don't worry this soon levels off after a week or two as your body becomes used to this way of eating and your appeitite actually lessens. You'll find you eat normally and don't go ott. Although they say not to calorie count on updays as it seems to diet like and restrictive, i actually do calorie count as I like to be in control and make sure I'm not eating too much. I usually have 1800-2000 on an up day. It is important to eat enough so your metobilism doesn't slow down, but of course not too much as you'd undo the good work of your down day.

Although saying that the most important key to this diet is staying under your calorie allowance on your down day and not cheating, that's how it really works ;)

Hope that helps x


I'm sure I have hip bones
Hi again stirky,

yes that helps. In fact and I know it sounds daft I am a bit scared that I might not eat enough. I am one of those horrible "eat little one day then eat loads the next day" people. In my case I can eat hardly anything for days (maybe 800-1000 kcal max.) up to a week and then I have something really unhealthy (up to 2500-2800 kcal!!). Not necessarily a lot of it but it is really unhealthy like a kebab pizza and chips. So I will note down the calories on Up Days as well, just to be on the safe side.

Thanks again! ;)


I'm sure I have hip bones
Good morning all! :D

I made it though my first Down Day and I feel fine. I woke up last night, because I was hungry but then only had some warm water and went straight back to bed. I am canny hungry this morning but it is a great feeling to know that a) I can eat whatever healthy food I want today and b) I made it through my first Down Day, no cheating, exactely 500 kcal and I am proud of myself. I don't want to sound like I am praising myself here, I am just proud :p . I am in a good mood this morning, too, the sun is shining, 80's music on the radio and I am seeing my hubby tonight (shift worker, so I don't see him every night).

I hope you'll all have a lovely day! :)
Glad to hear you had such a fab dd Eilean!!! Well done :D The great thing about this diet is we can literally take it one day at a time. You know if you stick 100% to a dd, it's only for the day and the next day you can eat 'normally' so it just makes it less hard than other diets which you have to stick with for weeks on end!!

Sun has been shining here too today :D Doesn't everything just feel better when the sun shines :D

Let's both have a fab dd tomorrow!!


I'm sure I have hip bones
Hello and good morning,

I am not feeling too clever today. First of all I ate too much yesterday. My stomach really hurt when I got home and I am hungry this morning, so I probably had too many carbs (well certainly had too many carbs :D ). But I am strong and haven't eaten anything so far, but drank like a fish :) .

My partner and I went to a restaurant last night and they had two courses on offer. So I had nachos for starters and a burger (no cheese, just salad and tomatos, homemade, very nice). I could not finish the starter because I was so full ! So I had about 2/3 of the starter and half of the burger and felt like someone had hit me in the stomach :( . Is that normal? I was in bed last night and was actually looking forward to the DD !! I still feel like I have a stone in my stomach. My partner said I might have a stomach bug but I don't feel like having one. Normally you'd be very loose as well (if you know what I mean) but I am fine. I probably just had far too much to eat. I counted the calories as precisely as I possibly could and came to about 2100 kcal ! :eek:

So my week so far:

DD: 450
UD: 2100
DD: 147 (so far, planning salad for tonight)
Quite normal Eilean, you find on juddd because of the really low dd your stomach shrinks so you can't eat as much as you used to on an up day, and if you do it hurts! Just your body's way of telling you, hey you really should stop now. Something we've always had but as humans have learnt to ignore and get over those full signs lol!

I always look forward to dd's too, they make you feel better and feel like you are really achieving something to losing weight! :D


I'm sure I have hip bones
Oh I am telling you... my second DD was an utter nightmare. I was hungry all day, despite the fact that I ate a lot, like cucumber, tomato, jelly, a WW soup .. I was starving. But I was strong :) .

My partner and I went to Tesco after work and got some salad for tea which was nice, I got a vinaigrette at only 7 kcal per teaspoon. The hubby did not want salad only so he got himself half a roast chicken and some Scotch eggs. Fair enough, I mean he is not on a diet, is he? And then to my surprise (thank you Paul!!) he showed up with a ready meal in his hands - Tesco Light Choices, Lamb Moussaka at only 230 kcal!! And it was nice, too! I was save and ended the day with an intake of 475 kcal.

It is an UD today, the sun is not shining as nicely as it did yesterday but it is warm and we will have a BBQ later. I will stick with the healthy option but one sausage bun will be mine and I would fight you all for it *hahaha*.

Have a lovely weekend! Be strong and take care!
Great dd!! Sounds like Paul is really trying hard in supporting your diet which is great :) Always easier when people at home are being supportive :D Good luck for your dd tomorrow! Oh I LOVE cucumber on a dd :D It's fab and so low in cals x
well done on rescuing your down day. I always struggle with what I will have for my main meal of about 250 cals. I always end up with a ham sandwhcih and a packet of crisps. how many cals are weigh watchers meals?
I always have ww meals in the freezer (I used to do slimfast and used to use them quite a lot then), they vary on cals but some are as low as around 280, so very good for a dd. Plus you can always have some salad/veg with them to bulk them out a bit :D

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