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embarassing fat bodies...


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I watching it too, it's really made me worry about loose skin :(

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A lot of the people who have the loose skin have lost their weight at alarmingly quick rates... Many have lost stones in weeks and used methods such as shake diets and gatsric bypass surgery etc. I think the thing with sw is that you learn to eat healthily rather than 'dieting' and your body and skin have time to shrink together! :)
I do think if you loose it nice and slowly like on SW then you are giving your body everychance to avoid loose skin as much as possible , although if you loose A LOT , then most people will have some , and to me I would much rather have loose skin than be huge !!
I lost 7 stone in 6 months , and my skin is pretty good , I ave a bit of sag on the bottom of my stomach , but I also have 2 kids and had 1 c section , so would probably have it anyway , and the tops of my thighs are a little 'ripply ' but it is improving .
It can take up to 18 months for your skin to catch up , my boobs shrunk from a 42 DD to a 36 B , and were quite 'saggy ' but in the last 12 months they have perked up no end ( my husband is very relieved !!!)
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Embarassing fat bodies

Did anyone see this last night?

I found that bit where they measured how the doctors brain reacted to pictures of food really interesting. For those who didn't see it there was no response at all to the pics of healthy food whereas the fatty calorie laden food sparked off loads of activity all over the brain. They explained it by referring to our ancestors where food was scarce and therefore highly calorific food was invaluable.

It suggests that we could have so much more control over food if we did not let ourselves get too hungry and therefore reducing the emotional response we would have to thinking about those high fat foods - and cravings for them!


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Yes certainly explains why those who skip breakfast usually end up scoffing chocs etc for elevenses!! All the more reason to fill up on plenty of free foods to keep those cravings at bay :D


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Its so true when dieting previously i would be hungry a lot and craving chocolate etc. But now on sw where i can eat when hungry i dont get it so bad.

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