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  1. Emilie

    Emilie Full Member

    Hi everyone. Today I bought my first months supply of Xante from their website. I am very excited to get started with this diet. My friends have been doing it and they have had good results so i thought i would give it a go. I have bought the caramel coffee and orange juice powder as well.

    I am currently at 14st 12lbs at 5ft 6in. This is the heaviest I have been since meeting my partner :-( I hate feeling like this all the time but i can't seem to stop eating from stress and tiredness, food is my coping mechanism, as I have my own business and a 4yr old boy, 2yr old girl and a collie puppy. I am hoping that an all in approach will work for me better.

    I have 4 stone to lose so I am doing the full solution diet.

    If anyone has any tips for me feel free to share. I am hoping you guys can help me keep on track :)

    Nice to meet you all!

    Things to remember:
    *Take it one day at a time, do not think about how long i am going for*
    *Food will not make me feel better, I would rather lose weight*
    *Do not let myself think about food, dont even consider cheating*
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  3. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    Hello and welcome!

    It's always a positive step making the decision to commit to something like this and you'll find lots of support on this forum!

    If you stick with the diet then you can expect some very good results!

    Wish you the best of luck.
  4. Emilie

    Emilie Full Member

    thanks so much for the advice :) I hope to be around quite a lot. Sticking to it is always my problem, but not this time!
  5. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    The most important thing with this diet is if you do have a blip; don't feel that it means your diet is ruined - it's better to acknowledge it and get straight back to diet 100% next day rather than think it's time to give up.

    A lot of people find planning in advance time off can help them cope with social outings that involve food. So don't feel that you have to cancel everything because of being on a diet.

    The important thing is you keep trying and if you can get to your first weigh in, seeing that loss will help motivate you to keep going :)
  6. Emilie

    Emilie Full Member

    Well today was my day 1 on exante. I had porridge for breakfast, shake for lunch and carbonara for tea.

    I did struggle in the afternoon as I was so hungry and needed the energy to look after the kids so I had 2 cream crackers and 2 rich tea biscuits, but that should only be 150 calories and I have walked the dog twice today so I think have burnt that off.

    I have only drunk 1 litre of water plus tea and coffee today so I need to drink more in the morning.

    I can tell I won't be able to wait a whole week to jump on the scales, it keeps me on track to weigh every few days and see that it is going in the right direction.

    I have gone to bed early to stop me from snacking. I am really pleased I made it through day one, roll on when it gets easier!
  7. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Hi Emilie with a vlcd it's not so much the added calories that are the issue but that added carbs can stop you getting into/knock you out of ketosis - it's the being in ketosis that makes the diet bearable as it makes you feel better and makes it so you don't feel hungry.

    If you do feel like you have to have a little bit extra then have a bit of protein instead, it'll make all the difference - good luck for day 2 :)
  8. Emilie

    Emilie Full Member

    thanks katie, I didnt realise it was the carbs i needed to avoid specifically. i am hoping to go without snacks now as the first day is always the hardest. fingers crossed for day 2.
  9. bananaboo

    bananaboo Full Member

    When I am struggling with it and need some extra calories I sometimes have a bit of cheese or meat, or even an extra pack. Because sometimes, especially at first or on restart weeks you just need a few extra calories. Good luck though hope today is going well!
  10. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Hope day two is going well for you :)
  11. Emilie

    Emilie Full Member

    Thanks guys.

    Today i have had apple and cinnamon porridge for breakfast, strawberry shake for lunch and chilli for tea. i had a few pinches of cheese this afternoon as that is when i struggle most. I have probably not drunk enough water today either, i need to get better at that. very pleased i have made it through day 2 :)
  12. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Well done on getting to the end of day 2 Emilie. You will find that drinking fluids will help you stay on track & also help reduce any headache you may get while going into ketosis.

    I often have flavoured beanie coffee or coke zero for a change & some people use the vanilla shake as whitener in their tea/coffee.

    Hope tomorrow goes just as well for you xx
  13. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Well done that's a good day 2 - hope tomorrow is a good day for you, hopefully you'll be in ketosis tomorrow or the next day and you'll feel so much better then x
  14. Emilie

    Emilie Full Member

    I weighed myself this morning and i am 14st 9lbs, so i have lost 3.5lbs since friday, but most of it in the last 2 days! I am very happy this morning now, it feels worth it now. I am starting to feel a bit better and not struggle quite so much but yes hoping it gets easier in the next day or 2. will check in later with how i have done today. going to keep busy and start packing boxes as we are moving house in 2 weeks.
  15. lilly05

    lilly05 Full Member

    Well done on your start I'm on day 3 and just doing one day at a time
  16. Emilie

    Emilie Full Member

    thanks, how are you finding it Lilly?
  17. sandrat

    sandrat Full Member

    I'm on day 2. Hoping this place will keep me going
  18. Emilie

    Emilie Full Member

    welcome sandrat, i am hoping this too, knowing other people out there are going through the same thing :) how are you finding it so far?
  19. sandrat

    sandrat Full Member

    Much easier than I expected. Been spacing packs out and haven't felt hungry yet so hopefully it will continue like this!!

    How about you?
  20. Emilie

    Emilie Full Member

    it is getting easier but i'm not good at suddenly eating a lot less, i get hungry every few hours so i am drinking lots and trying not to think about food lol, i am also taking it a bit easy whilst i get used to the diet, not rushing around :)
  21. sandrat

    sandrat Full Member

    I've been having the vanilla shake in coffee so I get 4 coffees out of it a day so I guess that spreads it out. I had half a soup for lunch yesterday and another when I was making family dinner. Then had my shake before sitting to watch TV after kids in bed. Plenty of water and some peppermint tea. Also distracted myself by scrubbing the cooker!

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