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Emilys Mission

I actually haven't been on here in a good few weeks! I have decided to start my food diary from scratch again as I have been rather distracted with Uni work... I have tried to be as good as possible over the last few weeks though!

I have exams coming up in 2 weeks :eek: and so Im a bit stressed eek! I am really determined to stay on track through the exam stress though.

2 slices wholemeal nimble bread from 400g loaf (B choice) with two fried eggs in frylight, one quorn sausage and a portion of fried onions (SF)

148g pack of tuna/prawn/veg sushi from tescos(not sure of syns in this? but the book says a 98g sushi pack is 1.5 syns) so im going to guess its around 3 or 4 syns. :confused: I love sushi!
can of diet coke.
one vanilla mullerlight snack size yogurt.
a handful of raspberries (SF)
one 26g packet of BBQ snackajacks (5 syns)

For dinner, we are planning on having Chilli Con Carne made with quorn mince which is free. If not chilli con carne then something else which is free! I will also make sure it contains superfree ingredients..onions and tomatoes!

So far around 9 syns today!
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if anyone could advise on the proper syn value of the sushi I ate earlier, that would be really appreciated :) I have a bit of a thing for sushi! :D
Ok :) so my food diary today consisted of:

2 quorn sausages, fried onions (SF) with some baked beans and an egg! was very satisfying and yummy!

Snacks: one vanilla & choc sprinkles mullerlight yogurt.
Handful of blueberries
chocolate (9 syns) - woops!!

Lunch: 2 slices wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (HexB) with ham, tomatoes (SF) onions (SF) and a tbsp extra light mayo (0.5 syns)
1 can of diet coke
1 26g packet of BBQ flavour snack a jacks (5 syns) and 3 choc chip cookies (7.5 syns - eek! but so worth it with my exam revision and a cup of coffee!) :D

Dinner is going to be:
3 venison sausages (3 syns) with plenty of veg such as mushrooms and onions (SF) and a baked potato! yum!

half of a mattessons reduced fat smoked sausage (I guess around 5 or 6 syns) and a small ciabatta roll (no idea how many syns?)

Oh dear. looks like this added up to around 30 syns!! aaaah! Oh well. I'll have to just keep the rest of my syn intake low for the next few days! Thank god for flexible syns! :)

I also have had my HexA with semi skimmed milk in tea and coffee.
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Hi emily_jade

Just been having a nosey at your food diary - is this the sushi you had?

Tesco, Prawn, Tuna & Vegetable Sushi Box, chilled, 142g pack

EE: 1 1/2 syn Red: 8 1/2 syns Green: 1 1/2 syn

Good Luck with your exams Xx
I havent had the greatest day today ever ref my food diary! ohh dear. I feel like I want to start a whole new week again tomorrow, and plan out my meals as I find it so much easier to stick to that way!

My breakfast today:

1 bowl of chocolate hoop cereal (tragic I know..) around 6 syns? :eek:
2 slices of wholemeal toast from 400g loaf (HexB) with ham and 1 tsp really light butter (2 syns?)

Baked potato with tuna and 2 tbsps extra light mayo (1 syn) with salad consisting of cucumbers and tomatoes and onions (all SF) which was really nice! rather healthy too! :D

Snacks: one vanillia and dark choc sprinkles yogurt
mullerlight - choc sprinkles with dark cherry underlayer (2 syns)
4 chocolate chip cookies: 10 syns (AAAH!)
I also munched on bread sticks from M&S that are probrably around syn each right? So I say around another 6 syns.

Baked beans with 3 venison sausages (3 syns) and lots of onions (SF)

Around 30 syns! :eek: This is what happens when you stress about revising for exams along with not planning out your meals! Lesson learnt!!

I have had my HexA with semi skimmed milk and prob a couple of more syns for my exam revision coffee need. *sigh*

Tomorrow is a new day! And a much better day it will be :D I will be prepared and planned!

I am planning to do some exercise tonight to burn away some of my bad syns! I usually do around 20-30 mins on the cross trainer!
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Its my sister hen do this weekend! Im so excited!! Although, I cant drink very much at it as I have my first exam on Monday straight afterwards! how tragic! :( the only possibly remotely good thing about this is I will not be overdoing the syns!

I have been much better today. went on the cross trainer last night and had a great workout! burn off those cookies from yesterday haa!

So far I have had:

one mullerlight choc and orange flavour
1 slice wholemeal toast from 800g loaf (HexB) with lean cut bacon, some baked beans and some fried onions (SF) and in frylight - was really nice!

Snacks so far: one chocolate chip cookie (2.5 syns)
1 slice wholemeal toast from 800g loaf (6 syns) with 2 quorn sausages and onions. little bit of ketchup (1 syn)
packet of revels which I actually thought were 6 syns but turns out theyre 8.5 syns bah! (so 8.5 syns)

Pasta, with a homemade tomato sauce consisting of passatta, veg stock, mushrooms & onions (SF) with lots of garlic! And I threw some basil leaves on there for good measure :D

2 quorn sausages, one piece of lean bacon,an egg, and fried onions(SF) and in frylight. I have a thing for fried onions just now, they are really tasty!

Will have much more variety tomorrow!

I have my semi skimmed milk measured out for my HexA and have just been dipping in to it for cups of coffee!

I cant stop thinking about Maynards Sports Mixtures as im revising for my exams, they really help me think aah! :cry:but I wont do it.

Planning to work out on the cross trainer again this evening for about 20-30 mins.

18 syns today! Could have been better but also could have been a lot worse! Going to try and have under 15 syns tomorrow.
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I had a job interview today, so I really hope I get it! I hear back at the beginning of next week and if I do get it, I am splurging on champagne! :D (less syns then wine!)

So my food diary today so far has been:


1 Soda farl fried in frylight (worked out it is about 13 syns?) but soo worth the syns! I had it with an egg.
I know I should have included some sort of superfree though, but I forgot for some reason! Also a very small blob of ketchup (1 syn)


2 slices wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (HexB) with 2 quorn sausages, onions (SF) and an egg. (i do need to go food shopping!) - was really nice though :)

I have my semi skimmed milk measured out for my HexA.


Homemade taglietelle pasta (made by my fabby fiance) with carbonara sauce made from quark and eggs, with sliced pieces of lean gammon and mushrooms mixed in (SF) - was absolutely GORGEOUS!! :)

And then......
After dinner he ended up opening the bottle of champagne that I got him for his birthday. So my slimming world day went out the window! but we had a great time!

So. Seeing as I have had an utterly terrible week full of syns, I am starting my diary from scratch again, and sticking to slimming world. Im able to start my week now from a Wednesday seeing as Im not tied down to a group! (cant make it to a group anyway!)
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So, brand new week starting for me here today :)

My breakfast:

french toast (2 slices from 400g loaf) (HexB) and 1 tbsp maple syrup (2 syns) - was soo lovely!

I do realise I forgot to add a superfree! *slaps wrist*

quorn sausage and egg sandwich - which was fabby! and certainly hit the spot. :) the bread (6 syns) and one tbsp of ketchup (1 syn) This will probrably see me past lunch time as well as Im now quite full.

1 random falafel (1 syn)

My HexA is semi skimmed milk measured out and being used for tea and coffee throughout the day.


I had a Salad which consisted of:
fresh rocket (SF), lean chicken slices, slices of tomato (SF) and 3 falafels (3 syns) tbsp of extra light mayo as I had no salad dressing in my cupboard! (0.5 syns) - was really yummy!

Linguinie pasta with a tomato sauce made from passatta and veggie stock. It also had pieces of chicken in there as well as some garlic! Some basil too. I have hardly anything in my fridge at the moment to make up the superfree! I need to go shopping and money is tight seeing as Im a student! :( A wee pinch of parmasan on there as well, but not a huge amount (not sure of syns?)

I also had a really good work out this morning on the cross trainer again too and am trying to drink lots of water today also!

This all has been so difficult with exam revision and being so skint at the same time. life for students is actually so haaard! All I want to do right now is accompany my revision with sports mixtures. chewy sweets are great for thinking! bah!

ok I caved. Not with the sports mixtures thankfully, but I was really depressed with the exam revision and was really hungry and so had a toastie with tuna, sweetcorn and extra light mayo (im going to add it up to a total of 7.5 syns)

So syn intake for today really is 22.5

My syns left for the week are about 82.
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