Emma0283 food diary.....


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So I've been hanging around here for a couple of weeks now, reading people's stories and looking at before and after starting slimming world pictures...can honestly say this has made me more determined doing this now then ever! I attended my first ever slimming world meeting last Monday (9th jan) and can't get over how easy it sounds...surely there's a catch?!?!?

Anyway I thought if I start writing a food diary then maybe it will keep me determained!
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Sunday 15th January

Breakfast: (made by my gorgeous boyfriend)

Omelette with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms (milk for omelette taken out of allowance option A)
Coffee (milk from option a). FREE


Fat free yogurt
coffee (milk from option A). FREE


Roasted chicken (all skin and fat taken off)
Swede, parsnips, carrots, potato and onion all cut and placed in baking tray with a few sprays of fry light for 40-60mins....was Soooooo tasty. FREE
Gravy (2)syns

Apple, orange, banana (all sliced)
Jaffa cake x2 (cut into bits and placed in bowl with fruit). 3 syns
Fat free yogurt poured over and mixed together

So bloated now though...think I'll have a walk around the block to work some of it off!!