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Emmabi's Food Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by emmabi, 5 October 2010 Social URL.

  1. emmabi

    emmabi likes to eat!

    Slimming World
    Need to get my ass into gear and start posting my food diary again! Starting today!

    Tuesday 5th October - Green Day

    B/fast: Fibre Plus Bar (HEB)

    Mid-morning: apple

    Dinner: Left over egg and potatoe pie (from SW website, is de-lish) with garden peas

    Mid-afternoon: small piece of salmon and 1 babybel

    Tea: Quorn bolognaise - quorn, tomatoes, peas, shallots, garlic, italian spices and a bit of cumin, served with peas and couscous, 1 babybel grated on top.

    HEBs: Fibre Plus bar and salmon
    HEA: 2 x babybel cheese and 250ml milk added to tea throughout the day.

    Syns: small glass of rose - 6; couscous - 1; total 7 (I went over last night, so trying to pull it back a bit!)

    Emma xx
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  3. emmabi

    emmabi likes to eat!

    Slimming World
    Wednesday 6th October - Green Day

    B/fast: Fibre Plus bar eaten on the way home after school drop-off!

    Dinner: left over quorn bolognaise and couscous, with added garden peas.

    Aft snack: shape zero and an apple, half a banana, small piece of salmon

    Tea: Jacket with beans, grated babybel and bagged lettuce leaves and mayo.

    HEBs: Fibre plus bar and salmon
    HEAs: 2 * Babybels, 250ml semi-skimmed milk added to tea during day.

    Syns: 1/2 for couscous, 1/2 ex light mayo, 2 glasses of wine 12 = 13

    Serveral glasses of water and cans of 7up light.

    Lots of walking today, feeling positive after a couple of bad weeks, if I STS at WI tomorrow I will be happy ;)
  4. emmabi

    emmabi likes to eat!

    Slimming World
    Thursday 7th October Green Day

    WI: lost 1.5 pounds, only 1.5 to get to target now! :D:D:D

    B/fast: oat-so simple with sweetner

    morning snack: shape zero and apple

    lunch: mugshot and fruit

    tea: taster night at class so bits of allsorts, I took the egg and potato flip pie (from SW website), got some really good ideas.

    HEB: oat-so-simple & orange hi-fi bar
    HEA: 250ml milk and low fat cheese.
    Syns: not sure on this one, had loads of different bits at taster night, but hopefully not more than 15!! :p
  5. emmabi

    emmabi likes to eat!

    Slimming World
    thank you!!! Really have to do it this week! x
  6. emmabi

    emmabi likes to eat!

    Slimming World
    Friday 8th October - Green Day

    B/fast: poached egg on toast with baked beans.

    morning snack: yoghurt

    dinner: potato and tomatoe flip pie, and a mugshot

    tea: made quorn steak strips (yack!) with tinned toms, onions, peppers, garlic and garden peas, served with pasta

    HEB: wholemeal bread
    HEA: cheese and milk
    Syns: wine night, keeping away from the chocs ;)
  7. emmabi

    emmabi likes to eat!

    Slimming World
    Saturday 9th October - Green Day

    B/fast: porridge, ss milk and sweetner

    morning: can of diet orange

    dinner: left over quorn pieces, pasta, and peas.

    afternoon: banana, apple and shape zero

    tea: savoury rice, chicken with seasoning, mangetout, tinned toms.

    HEB: 71g chicken, porridge
    HEA: 250ml ss milk
    syns: way too much wine, target is running away from me, got to be good until Thursday :(
  8. emmabi

    emmabi likes to eat!

    Slimming World
    Sunday 10th October - Green Day

    b/fast: orange hi-fi bar

    morning: apple

    dinner: mackerel and salad

    mid afternoon: one KFC popcorn chicken and a few chips :sigh:

    Tea: quorn moussaka with beef savoury rice and mangetout.

    HEB: Hi-fi bar and mackerel in tom sauce.
    HEA: 250ml ss milk and babybel cheese.

    Syns: 2 glasses of wine: 12 and not sure about the KFC, will cut back tomorrow on the syns!!

    Emma xx
  9. emmabi

    emmabi likes to eat!

    Slimming World
    Monday 11th October - Green Day

    B/fast orange hi-fi bar

    Mid-morning: handful of grapes

    Dinner: Jacket and quorn mince mixture, baked beans and salad. Shape Zero for pud

    Mid-aft: tangerine, ww yoghurt and more grapes.

    Tea: potatoe curry with savoury rice and asparagus

    HEB: Hi-fi bar
    HEA: 250ml milk and babybels
    Syns: mayo and velvet crunch crips: 7
  10. emmabi

    emmabi likes to eat!

    Slimming World
    Tuesday 12th October - BAD DAY!!

    Went to Centerparcs for a spa day for my friends 30th, who also does SW, I had planned on been good, but I was really bad, and have not totally blown any chance of getting to target this week, :mad:

    B/fast: Fibre Plus Bar (HEB)

    Lunch: chicken burger with onion rings, bacon, sauce, lettuce, cheese, chips and homemade coleslaw, glass of rose.

    Mid-afternoon: chocolate fudge cake with americano coffee.

    Tea: mackerel fillets in tom sauce with salad and beetroot.

    HEA: counting the cheese in my burger for most of this.
    HEB: Fibre plus Bar
    Syns: Dread to think!

    Wednesday 13th October - Extra Easy

    -Full of cold, needed stodge :(

    B/fast: Fibreplus Bar (HEB) + strawberries for 1/3 superfree.

    Mid-morning: yoghurt

    Dinner: mackerel fillets in tom sauce with salad and beetroot (Salad and beetroot 1/3 superfree)

    Tea: Pork, jacket, mushy peas (1/3 superfree)

    Just writing the past couple of days off and starting a-fresh Thursday, according to my scales I have gained 2.5 pounds, TOTM is due soon too so amd hoping it isn't all down to the blow-out.

  11. emmabi

    emmabi likes to eat!

    Slimming World
    Friday 15th October - Red Day

    Well, after my monster 2.5 gain last night, have decided to swtich back to red days for a while.

    B/fast: poached egg, 2 rashers lean bacon, tinned toms. Cup of tea.

    mid-morning: strawberries, 2 slices of ham.

    Dinner: bagged lettuce leaves, tinned mackerel in tomato sauce, beetroot

    mid-afternoon: kiwi fruit and ww yoghurt, 2 *babybel lights

    tea: chicken fillets with mixed seassoning, SW chips/roasties, mushrooms, carrots, peas, tinned toms.

    HEA: 250ml milk and 2 *babybel lights

    HEB: 71g garden peas (get loads!); 198g potatoes, made into chips/roasts.

    Syns: Mayo 0.5; glass of wine: 6; pizza finger: 3.5

    total syns: 10 :D
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