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Emma's SF Journey!


Slowly but surely!
Hi All

Im on day 6 and after being good until Saturday I kinda messed things up at the weekend and am now not looking forward to my first weigh in tomorrow :( I really need to get into line and do this so I thought a diary might help. I have 12 and a bit weeks to attempt to loose 14-21lbs for my 30th Bday bash and im going to hate myself if I dont give it everything. Going to list my menus, exercise and feelings each day, I WILL DO THIS!!!!
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im sure you will be fine on your weigh in aslong as you didnt go totally mental with your messing up on saturday , we all do it and we just need to draw a line under it and start again, im sure you can achieve your goal of weightloss before your 30th birthday
welcome emma, i have found a diary really helps, firstly to keep a track of how incredibly well your doing (!!!!!) but also if you have a bad week you can go back and see where maybe caused it, its also great for people to be able to read it and give you tips and support when you need it most!
Your goal sounds very do-able, dont worry about the little mess up, you will find on all the blogs that we all have them every once in a while, that life, like kazzy said draw that line and start a fresh with a new day :D
looking forward to following your diary and will be congratulating you on your many losses :D xx


Slowly but surely!
Thanks guys, today has been good, been shopping and got some healthy foods and snacks in.

B - Summer Fruits shake
L - Fruit of the forest Bar
D - Youngs Fish/prawn Pie and veg (500 calories)
Snacks - 10 Milk bottles (90) Pear and Shape yoghurt (185)

Hopefully tomorrows first weigh in will at least get me 1lb of the mark :)


Slowly but surely!
Day 7 and have lost 3lbs woohoo!!!

Menu today was
B - Cafe Latte Shake
L - Choc Meal Bar
D - Turkey Stir Fry (thinking this was about 800 calories so no snacks today :( )

Had dinner early as wanted to eat with kids so got to get through the evening now with no snacking, which is my biggest weakness!!!
well done!!! thats a fab loss, remember how good it felt seeing that on the scales when you reach for a naughty snack!!xx


Slowly but surely!
Another SF day coming to an end woop woop lol

B - Strawberry shake
L - Fruit Meal Bar
D - Veg Chilli & Jacket

Had an ice cream with the kids in the park today but burned 300 calories on the bike so dont feel too guilty lol

Will have some special K bites later watching BB :)


Slowly but surely!
Havent had a chance to keep my diary up to date but after a very good week, I once again couldnt keep it all up at the weekend!! Seems I hit Friday and loose all willpower, although im probably a lot better with what I eat and drink than before SF so hopefully ill get better!! On the plus side im really picking up the exercise :)

Week 2 WI - Lost 2lbs Woop Woop!!

Have become addicted to sweet potato's, not sure of calorie content so hoping they arent too bad, going to try and make week 3 a good one :)
well done sounds like your doing really well xx keep it up


Slowly but surely!
After a couple of weeks of feeling sorry for myself and an STS I am giving myself a very big kick up the bum, putting a smile on my face and getting back into the diet 100%!!!
I will get nearer to target by my 30th and look fab!!!!

I am changing my weigh day to a Thursday too so it gives me a few extra days this week to loose :)
you will look fantastic for your 30th and stun everyone who knows you xx


Slowly but surely!
Lost 2lbs this week so that 7 in my first month, really happy with that even though I know I wont do that every month! Just got my biggest looser game for my wii and am going to give that a go on a 12 week challenge from tonight so hopefully that will help :)
well done i got that game but didnt like it so its shoved in the back of the drawer lol


Slowly but surely!
Arrrrggghh I am so angry with myself, had a rather long sad and overdue conversation with my ex on Friday and ever since I have eaten everything and anything I could get my hands on!! I have been to boots this morning and re-stocked up and have to have a 100% couple of weeks! Lets just hope for a STS on Thursday!!

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