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ProPoints Emma's weight weathers diary 2014

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by welshcwtch, 9 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Well-Known Member

    SOS about typo on my mobile!!
    Watchers not weathers lol..So I have started ww again I only want to lose about 14lbs but maintaining my healthy weight is more important to me.
    This is a lifestyle change for me and for life. I lost 7stone,Iv had 3huge babies, iv had hysterectomy and just had a full tummy tuck to get rid of my excess skin. It's fab I'm loving the results.
    I went from a size 16 to a size 10-12 not through fat loss but complete body shape change. I lost 20inchs from my bust,waist and hips in total. The surgeon removed 7lbs in skin and pulled my abdominal muscles in by 6inchs. So I started wwlast week 12.10
    Weighed in Friday 12.4
    I'm hoping to be in the 11s for life!!
    Well that's me girlies in a nut shell
    Last edited: 9 February 2014
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  3. the_last_time

    the_last_time Well-Known Member


    You made it :) I like weight weather - it has a nice ring to it!!

    They are some amazing stats from your tummy tuck skin removal - amazing. And just goes to show how much extra it adds, you must feel like a new person!

    Sounds like you're body's (and you) been through a lot, a hysterectomy is a pretty big deal...

    Well done on your first week, 6lbs is ace :D
  4. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Well-Known Member

    Yes tummy tuck was a walk in the park compared to hysterectomy lol. I will post some before and after of tummy tuck now for you
  5. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Well-Known Member

    Before ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1391981080.404284.jpg
    After ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1391981099.972506.jpg
    Sitting before ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1391981156.352125.jpg
    Sitting after ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1391981184.132904.jpg
    Side before ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1391981224.916875.jpg
    Side after ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1391981240.463877.jpg
  6. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Well-Known Member

    Hey subscribing if you don't mind. Well done on the weight loss so far. Your pictures are amazing. You look so slim. And well done for looking after yourself after a hysterectomy...thats a big op!! What age are your 2 kids. I have 3 of my own. They'll at least help you keep busy x
  7. Cas3

    Cas3 Well-Known Member

    Hello here to subscribe, wow the results are amazing- your very brave to of gone through that, I never been keen on cosmetic surgery but looking at your pics as definitely changed my mind! the hysterectomy must of been hard, I've had 3 C/ sections so got bit lose skin on my tummy x
  8. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Well-Known Member

    Hi what's subscribing? Lol I thought I had done that. New to this..
    Iv got 3children eldest son bailey is 12
    Middle is my daughter Mckenzie she is 6
    And Henley is my baby boy he's 3.
    What have you got Hun?
  9. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Well-Known Member

    Hi have a posted in wrong place? Or subscribed incorrectly? Only I'm new to this forum. Cosmetic surgery has changed my life completely it really has. It's a journey of a lifetime it really is.
  10. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Well-Known Member

    Subscribing just means that now that I've typed in your thread that it'll come up on my subscribed/favourites list so I can follow you if that makes sense.
    Aww lovely to have 2 boys and a girl, and nice wee gap between each. I've a 6 year old girl, a 3 year old boy and my new addition, a 7 week old girl.
    If you've any questions about the plan or pp don't be afraid to ask, I've been doing this donkey lol x
  11. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Well-Known Member

    Ahh bless your daughter must have been born the very same week as I had my tummy tuck. 18/12/14 Is she good?
    I'm using my weekly points for weekend just for extra treats and having 28pp a day. I tend to have a light breakfast and lunch and then have a meal for dinner.
    I did this about 5years ago so have some clue but making it into a life long thing this time not just a diet to lose weight. What's your best loss and best maintaining period Hun?
  12. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Well-Known Member

    Well today was good
    Yogurt 1
    Nu bar 2
    Cappuccino 3
    Jaffa cakes 5
    Chick/bacon/cheese Kiev 6
    Celery,peppers,cucumber,lettuce and toms. 0
    Milk for coffee 4
    Jelly,custard,low fat squirty cream,with grapes.4
    Raisin and choc medley bar 3
    Sultanas 5
    Ww hula hoops 2
    Used the remainder of my weeklies and my daily points.
    Will try and take pics of meals as look much nicer than just number lol..
  13. the_last_time

    the_last_time Well-Known Member

    Wow - those pics - amazing & you look soooo slim already!!! What a difference & nothing you could've done without the surgery so good on you!

    Oh & that's what I want my tummy to look like, less booze I think!!
  14. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Well-Known Member

    Thank you I feel amazing!! That's why iv chosen ww as my life long way forward to go with my new bod! Or shall I say to help maintain the new bod lol.. Can't spoil all that surgeons fantastic work Hun.
    I would love an alcoholic drink I ain't had one now since my wedding in Cyprus in the summer lol.. Very good ain't i lol.
    Couldn't drink at Xmas due to surgery lol.. Really fancy a baileys tho
  15. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Well-Known Member

    Those pics are amazing :)
    Well done you must feel brilliant you certainly look it x

    I too have had a hysterectomy and I need a tummy tuck too I'm just trying to save up for it but it's taking a life time :(
    If you don't mind me asking how long was your recovery time before going back to work?

  16. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Well-Known Member

    Two weeks Hun!
    I was pretty back to normal by then Hun
  17. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Well-Known Member

    Brilliant :) I can't wait for my tummy tuck it'll make a huge difference to me. I'd be able to buy size 12 jeans instead of 14s just because of my tummy (apron belly)! And then the dieting will help even more. I'm really self conscious of it it effects everything in my life and it's the first area I look at in mirror dressed or underdressed!!

    Wondering whether to start PP today not F&H I did well on it before!
    I'm quite excited about being back on it and having the app to monitor my food....is that sad lol!!

  18. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Well-Known Member

    She was born on the 23rd. Waow so its not long since you had the tuck...makes the pictures even more amazing. I would have thought recovery would have been longer!

    I maintained my weight for over a year, until I got pregnant. With all the food aversions and morning sickness I gained a bit in pregnancy. Working on getting rid of that now.
  19. Shez__x

    Shez__x Well-Known Member

    first of all a big wow to ur new body!
    u look so slim! very brave for going through all that tho hun!
    secondly good luck :) x
  20. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Well-Known Member

    Hey there, your pics look great makes a hugh difference, good luck with it
  21. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Well-Known Member

    Ahh thank you I'm soo happy and soo happy to be back on ww now my mindset has changed.. Xx

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