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Emotional Diet


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As we have all ended up here for various reasons but the comman denominator being too much food how do you feel now that you're not eating.

Does it scare some long termers to know that'll you'll be faced with daily food choices again, counting fat, calories or whatever, or do you think you can embrace a life without the mental dilemma of what to eat on a daily basis.
Something won't have you spun back into viciuos circle of binge eating and sugar cravings again(i'm speaking of my own demons here and not referring to anyone else or thier history).

I have been addicted to all kinds of ''lovely'' but food is the only substance that no one will judge you on untill you are physically showing your inability to cope with it.. ie.spilling out of your clothes, out of breath walking down the road, shopping in outsize departments.

I have broken the crutch of other substances, any help to stop my reliance on emotional eating would be greatly appreciated for when the time comes.

I was very proud of myself for not throwing in the towel this week when I only managed three quarters of a pound weight loss, so I feel this time I am really ready to change, and stop reaching for food to ease any ills the day throws at me.
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Determined to succeed ...

What an interesting post - and I'll 'fess up' right now that I'm adding my name to the question and not the answer! [sorry guys!]

I have twice lost 50lb+ with weight watchers but have been unable to maintain the weight loss. Thinking about it now I can see that I lost the weight by being disciplined but not by changing my eating habits - I just ate the same old things I loved, just less of them, or rather, less of other things so I could still have them. So I know that for me, although the weight had gone, the desire to eat all those unhealthy or 'loved' foods had not [so guess what happened!!!]

I know I'm still in the early days of the 100% tfr Lipotrim, but I do think that it will help me with this. I already know my tastebuds and desires have changed. I like the idea that I'll clear the weight quickly [or quicker than non tfr diets] and HOPE this will then give me the time and DESIRE to learn how to maintain successfully.

I've always said ' I can loose the weight BUT I can't keep it off' but this time I am determined [yes, and a little bit scared] to do so.

You're so right. it sucks doesn't it? I mean I said to my boyfriend the other day, when you have an alcoholic, they go cold turkey, and if they can break it, they can try to avoid alcohol for good. when you have the problem i have, you still have to eat.

im finding lipotrim easier than regular dieting as it takes out any choice. I know myself when i see my weight go up in the past It has just made me miserbale, i think what's the point, and just eat more because at least it makes me happy. then the weight keeps going up and up.. at the moment though, i think im really coming to terms with the idea of watching what i eat. although it's going to be tough :(

Im also a vegetarian which i think makes it harder. i mean a veggie diet is mostly carbs, cheese and veg. i LOVE carbs and cheese.. and veg, but they just put on more weight and dont fill you up like meat does (i've heard) anyway. i read this page a while ago, you might find it interesting given the topic of this thread -

Compulsive overeating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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I know what you mean about the doctor, if i went in and told him I just couldn't stop eating and it was wrecking my life he'd say just stop. And what about the fitness freaks who punish themselves with exercise and constant food control because it's purely an energy source...

it's my opinion they are also running from thier demons. But I don't see anyone blasting them for driving themselves to injury just for fitness.:character00115:

I'm not sure if your allowed even mention food here but i'm not talking about eating it, i'm just refering to it.

They say it takes 21 days to form or break a habit and so far I think I have lost the compulsion to buy a choc bar eveytime I get petrol.

You have to see it from a marketing point of view. Retailers love us :Din particular.

Impluse buys of sweets, chocolate, and crisps in front of the tills of petrol stations. Fresh bread being baked in store at the supermarket, it's all an illusion to entice us into buying products and food we don't want.:eatdrink023:

So perhaps we have to make it our mission to become more aware of what's going on around us and say, no...i'm not falling for it today.:copon:

BOGOF(Buy one get one free) is a ploy to make you think you're getting a bargain. Getting you to like the product so you'll pay full price next time. How many times do you see BOGOF on lettuce, peppers or fresh fish....never, because it doesn't have a shelf life, is full of goodness and lets face it....have you met anyone yet addicted to eating fruit, veg and healthy food.

I lost 5 stone before and regained over 3 because I couldn't maintain it, :eek:I ask myself why, and being realistic it came down to stress, not caring about myself and looking for quick comforts. No one outside my family and close friends condone TFR and would be disgusted to know I'm doing it again.

I always said I'd do it again if my eating got out of control, so here I am. It's not a long term solution but it's a start.

Can anyone identify thier fall, amoung the stress eating, I found it embarassing eating out or at someones house because I became so finicky about what i'd eat.

But now I think I'ii work on having the confidence to say what I want, and whats more, if I'm eating out and paying for a meal I shouldn't have to eat deep fried crap if I don't want it. :eat:
As long as your request is reasonable, I don't see why restaurants should be so rigid with thier menus.

As for being vegetarian binkyblush, while i'm not a veggie, I may as well be so when you're eating again, I can suggest a lot to you. You can live on more than cheese and pasta.
I have cholesterol to control and love:eatdrink012: cheese but can't eat much and with a insulin resistance pasta is never a good choice for me. That's why I'm so easily addicted to it.

We all had the courage to try tfr and therefore we have the courage to change entirely without too much sarcrifice..:blahblah:
I can never understand how i can have the will power to stick to TFR..... but i don't have the will power to stick to a healthy diet!!! It will be a real test eating again!!! : (


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It's down to choice deezer, when there is no choice but three shakes its easier. Any time i'm eating out lately it's nearly a relief that I don't have to order and go through the mental rollercaoster of what to eat and how much. Maybe if i limited what I eat in terms of choice I'ii be able to maintain better, As in, the same things regularly, like the same breakfast, lunh and dinner on various days so I know what I'm eating. I've always said 99% of any diet is preparation, I just need to practise what I preach..
I totally agree with Deezer. People keep saying "Wow you have a such a strong will power to do LPT" my concern is "Do I have sufficient will power to stick to the healthy diet after TFR?" I am trying to prepare for the next step. Already decided to get off LPT on 21st of September and prepared 2 weeks menu plan for re-feed. After that will try to stick to the combined diet, the only problem is that it will be difficult as I am going to Poland to visit my mum and family. You know how mum's are. Eat this, eat that... Not sure if I'm strong enough to say NO. Hope my will power will be as much powerful as it is now...
I agree with you about the choice, that's why I never seem to be able to keep the weight off, in the last 10 years, I have gained and lost 10 stone from yoyoing, my metabolism is probably shot to bits.
To be honest I had only intended doing this for a month but today I started week 5. I have a certain air of anxiety about eating again. When my husband has crisps at night it doesn't bother me as the choice is not there to have them. I suppose realistically, I just have to say to muself that the choice isn't there either when I'm not on TFR.

Avaya, I like your idea and think the I will do TFR for another 2 weeks and and then 2 weeks of a refeed, which I will plan to as much perfection as I can.

As i'm not eating now, I might even plan different menus for the coming weeks. It's amazing what I have found in the supermarket lately seeing as I'm not eating, lots of health stuff in Tescos that I didn't even know existed. But that's a conversation for the refeed forum i'd imagine.

We have to change our approach to food otherwise we are wasting our time here, I was told there should never be a resaon to repeat tfr if it's done correctly the first time, but this is my second time and I'm determined it's to be my last.

So, what can we come up with to help ourselves......

Binkyblush, I found that link you posted very interesting.
Yeah it kind of hit home for me.. I realise everyone on here isn't like that, but it might be helpful/useful to someone I figured!
Some interesting points. I agree no choice helps stick to a vlcd. I also agree it's a bit scary thinking about making choices in the future, but if we are aware of the pitfalls - and maybe stay on this site as maintainers we should be able to do it. I still have a long way to go before that though!
Apologies for referring so much to food, thank you for allowing thread to remain in another forum.
I wasn't sure where to have thios conversation while I was still on TFR.
I feel exactly same losit. I keep gettin told for food ref but don't realise I'm doin wrong. Feel a bit naughty & kinda puts me off postin wot I wanna post
Bold me,
So we can discuss food here for certain yeah, coz if not look away now..

I was just thinking that I might never come off tfr as not having to make food decisions is great. It's up there with, not cooking, not shopping for food, not washing dishes, less housework and my husband actually fending for himself in the kitchen.:D

When I go to have my lunch it's not a simple task of picking up a sandwiche and eating it..oh no..by the time i'm done analysing every morsel in it, I end up going for the so called healthy option, which leaves me still hungry and reaching for something else.

Is there anyone here the same.

I think I'm overloaded with info about what I should/shouldn't eat.

Low fat seems to be full of sugar, low sugar seems to be full of fat. There's GI, GL, high fibre, good/bad fats and now I've been told I shouldn't eat too much fruit as I'm insulin resistant. The specialist told me...''it's as simple as this, I(she) get to eat biscuits and you don't.

She has told me to stick to a 1100 calorie a diet day which I found impossible longterm.

That said, if I only ate when I was hungry and not when I was peed off maybe it's work.

Any ideas...Does anyone know what the calories intake of TFR is, 2 shakes and a peanut flapjack.
I know 3 shakes is about 450 i bet the flapjacks are a wee bit more!!!

When i get to goal... i am to stick to about 1500.... and if i have any extra burn it off with excercise... i am done with denying myself things.... i am just going to make myself work for them....

I am going to keep at my swimming and take up a sport.... possibly running!!! EEeeek!!!

I analyse everything also.... its overload and i think had the time thats why i just think sod it....

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