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Emski's Little Spillage


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S: 14st12lb C: 14st1lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st11lb(5.29%)
Hey its me... Im kinda back, but kinda not..

The thing is I came back, was on track and then fell off again big style.

I am currently weighing in at 13 st 4lbs which means I have put back on 11lbs but I am still a stone lighter than this time last year.

I have been to the docs this week and been diagnosed as being depressed.. one of the symptoms I have is compulsive eating... unfortunately I do not compulsively eat free food.. its crisps, chocolate etc. It has been very hard for me to admit to doing this as I feel shameful.. There is a logical side of me that says just stop doing it, but when its happening I cant. I am not at the stage of a whole family pack of crisps or whole loaves of white bread, but a i can get through 2 or 3 bags of crisps followed by biscuits and 1-2 chocolate bars. I start the day following plan and then its down hill from then.

I am going to the gym and go dancin once a week, so that is helping. And of course I stopped smoking.

Another thing is that I dont really know how to see myself... today for example I go to TK Max with a friend and I choose her some size 14 dresses to try on.. she persuades me to try them on to.. and they fit.. and i mean proper fit.. not squeeze yourself into fit. And yet I see myself as a big girl.. but a 14 is not big.. its normal..

My man tells me im ok.. its just my belly.. yes i have a wobbly one..

I have looked through some other websites and forums for others like myself and there is nowhere I feel more comfortable and supported than here with you guys.. so I am back but not in the right space to dish out the advice .. but can contribute with a little humour and congratulations.. also not on plan at all and will stay that way on docs advice.

Im not looking for advice as this is something I have to work on for myself.. I just need somewhere to spill and maybe get a little friendly hug :D
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Well have a great big hug from me for starts...

Glad your back on here but sorry to hear you are having a difficult time at the moment.

Well done on being a stone lighter than this time last year - that is a real achievement. And well done on keeping up with the exercise.

So welcome back!! x


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S: 14st7lb C: 13st7lb Loss: 1st0lb(6.9%)
hey there -

i used to eat like that when i was depressed. I reckon you need to tackle the depression to break the cycle of comfor eating.

welcome back - stick around and i am sure you will get tonnes of support and get back on track :)
Hiya Ems, Soooo know where you are coming from, glad to see you back here hun, I've missed your witty posts, hehe. xxx


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S: 14st12lb C: 14st1lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st11lb(5.29%)
Thanks for the welcome backs.. and the hugs..

Have made the decision to go on the happy pills.. the doc will be calling me tomorrow to confirm... feeling a bit apprehensive about it all but hopefully will be for the best.

Am feeling poorly again, full of cold and funny tummy.. I wonder whether it is all in my head or whether I am genuinly ill.. then I have to laugh cos I do my own head in with it. Have taken rest of week off work and will allow myself to lie on sofa with a duvet, box of tissues a tub of Vicks and get my son to make me lots of tea!!!

I havent been able to gym this week due to feeling poo, but have been on a couple of longish walks with the dogs. And did go out on Sunday night and had a bit of a boogie.

So its not all doom and gloom...

I have news... I am a grandma!!! yes my son and his girlfriend had baby Jack a couple of weeks ago and my daughter had baby Ebonie at the end of Feb ..:D

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