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Encouragement Boost Required: how does it feel to have lost weight?

I'm having bad day as really wanting food and still feel very fat cos only on week 2.
I just thought it would be a good idea to hear from people who have been on CD a wee bit longer, if you could share what it feels like to have lost weight. And how long does it take or how much do you have to lose until you (& others) start noticing a difference?
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I haven't been on CD that long :), but I already feel the change in my clothes. I can take of my pants without unbutton them :D, haha.

I would also like to hear success stories from those who lost weight with CD, it is such a good motivation and inspiration!

By the way, have you looked at the link "Inspiration slide show" above in the blue toolbar? Some very nice before and after pictures to dream about :D.


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Well I can't believe that I can actually post on here, it feels only a few weeks ago I would be posting this thread! I've now lost about 63lbs, still got about 40 ish to go.

Well for me I started January, and by Feb I had people noticing, but 3 -4 months in and a lot of people were noticing, but I must say one of my biggest days was actually last weekend - I tried on the trousers I had to wear at xmas - The only pair that fit me - they were a size 20! Anyway last weekend I put them on and they literally FELL off! they are huuuuge! You know those adverts on TV they show you - I could do one in those jeans! And also I managed to get into my first pair of size 14 trousers from Next - Very very pleased! So yes it can be hard, some days more than others, but it's so worth it, keep going - i promise in such a short time, you will be replying to a post just like I am today! x
Ive done 5 weeks and last week a put a pair of jeans on with no belt and spent all day walking around holding them up! The difference already is brilliant. People started to notice about 2 weeks ago (people who i see regular) and yesterday i saw a girl ive not seen for 5 weeks and she was gobsmacked at the difference already.
I now see CD as a way of life and i am used to it know. The food cravings are hard to cope with occasionally, but i know that in 63 days time i will have done 100 days on SS 100% and i will be in the bullring in birmingham buying a new wardrobe (hopefully in a size 16 from a size 24).
I know i can do this and each week i notice something else to keep me motivated.
Tomorrow im going to try on my wedding dress to see how far ive got to go before it fits me again. When it gets looser, i know i will be lightest weight i can ever remember. We all have rough days, but 5 weeks for me has flown by and im 2 stone lighter and 5 inches less around my waist already.
That is so encouraging. I can't wait. Anyone else?


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:character00238:Hi Broxi,
I know how you feel because I felt the same the first time I was on ss with LL. I've only been on CD for a week but I was on LL 100% SS for 16 weeks. I was about 190lb at the beginning and 135lb when I stopped. I kept it off for well over a year.
Weeks 1-2: The first two weeks it felt almost like torture because I was completely obssessed about food...I was even dreaming about it! I was so depressed and grumpy...I was even angry at myself for doing the diet. I really wanted to quit but I was losing 3-5lbs every week so that kept me motivated to continue on without nibbling.

Weeks 3-6:
I'd gotten use to not eating. Finally I lost all desire for food. My energy levels went up and I was buzzing around like a hyperactive bee! All my clothes were falling off of me because my body had seriously shrunk. About this time everyone began noticing my weight loss. It felt delicious to be able to go shopping in TopShop again without being embarrassed that I couldn't fit into anything but the leggings!lol;)

Weeks 7-16:
By this point I'd lost stones and couldn't imagine eating real food at all...in fact I was totally terrified of introducing real food into my body. Can you imagine feeling like that?
Well, if you stick to SS-ing you will...maybe not as extreme as I was but most of my friends who have been on SS for a long period of time feel a little nervous about eating real food again. SS really frees you from food addiction...food eventually just becomes nourishment for only when you're hungry not for comfort or reward.
You've already lost a lot in the last two weeks so hang a little longer and you will be able to see people eating or smell food and it will not bother you.
Joz xx
it feels absolutely bloody wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D

Im in week 16 and have lost 3st 7lbs. I started in a size 18 trousers and size 24 top and now Im in a 14 bottoms and 16/18 tops (depending on style or shop - got big boobs!)

My 14 trousers are starting to get loose on the waist and I bought a pair of size 12s yesterday which I can do up and I know in a months time for my holiday they will fit perfectly if not be a bit big.

Im on a really happy day today - as you can probably tell - but its tamgredans fault she suggested tablets to delay my period for my holiday and they have sent me so excitable - not that Im complaining!!!!

You probably will still feel fat 2 weeks in as we all do still feel fat for a while after even when we are at goal cos the weight comes off so quicly the mind cant catch up. There is a sticky on here saying it takes 10months for your mind to catch up with your body.

There also can be times when you are really down on the diet and you may be having one of those days - I always have them around TOTM (See my diary on the main CD forum) but I promise it is worth every up and down day to fit into the size clothes you want to and not feel fat!!!!

Have a look on my albums as I have done this diet 3 yrs ago and lost 4st. They hopefully will give you some inspiration.

People noticed with me in about week 3 ish as my face really started to slim down and now they are saying surely I cant have much more to lose (even though Im 21lbs overweight for my height) but I just smile sweetly and say oh just a bit more to go.

Sorry for rabbiting on I can get quite evangelical about CD!

Joz thanks so much that's exactly what I needed to hear. I am completely obsessed with food just now and your first 2 weeks sounds exactly as i'm feeling so it's brilliant to know that this will go away. Maybe by next week I'll be more used to it and probably by another 2 or 3 weeks it will be more apparent that I've actually lost weight. Thanks so much for sharing that - can't tell you what brilliant help that is to me xxx
You too Jessica, we just posted at the same time. That's brilliant and I will look up your pics. You've been amazing! Will post you again after I've seen photos xxx


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Hi Broxi - I am on day 43, first day of week 7. I started noticing during week 2 that my comfy clothes were getting a bit big. About week 3 friends at work asked if i was on a diet - i hadn't told anyone. They keep commenting and checking on my progress but i think people at my work are too polite to mention it!

I was given a pair of silky PJs for christmas that i could hardly squeeze into at the start of CD, I wouldn't have dared sit down in them yet here i am sat relaxing on my sofa tonight in them typing this. My OHs jeans fit me and i only have 1 pair of work trousers that fit me at the moment. Plus I have just listed 4 of my fave items of clothes on ebay as they are far too big.

It is easier to paint my toes, I don't huff and puff up the stairs at work, I have lost about 7" off my waist and my tummy seems to shrink every day.

It is so worth persevering with this diet. I had a bit of a wobble earlier, thinking can I do this and is it worth it - but I came on here, checked my losses, read a few threads and saw how well everyone is doing and knew that i could do the next 6 weeks - no problem!

You can do it, you will do it!!

Serena A

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Hi Broxi

Sorry you've been feeling down today. CD is one of those things where it can feel like an eternity sometimes, and yet at the same time you're like whoah - where did the last month go?!

My head hasn't caught up with my weight loss yet and I still feel "fat" for most of the time - so much so that I tried on my pre-cd trousers this morning just to remind myself that I'm not. So no matter what my head thinks, it's all worth it :)

Hope you feel better tomorrow xx
Thanks so much Wales. You've no idea how encouraging all this is. And Jessica you are stunning! please keep posting all you people - i'm loving this. I'll read these posts every day throughout my diet they are so helpful to me.
Skinny Serena, that's awesome! How can you possibly feel fat?


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((BROXI)) Just wanted to send you big hugs hon....... Your doing great just being on cd is a great achievement as its not easy..

Well I am on day 101 and loving it loving it loving it..
I have been on ss up until last week and changed to ss+..

I have lost 52 1/2 pounds so nearly 4 stone........ and I feel great...

I started of in size 18 trousers and size 16-18 tops..

I am now size 12 trousers and size 10-12 tops...........

Please hang in there hon.. I feel so good and Im loving going into shops just picking up a size 12 and there fitting me!!!

So chin up you can do it if you really want it.................

Sending lots of strong vibes your way .. CD ROCKS!!! and you will feel so good once you see the stones flying off... xxxxx

Serena A

Can't think of a title
Skinny Serena, that's awesome! How can you possibly feel fat?
Heheh, thanks :D

It seems to be quite common that once you hit target you still want to lose more. I think a lot of people confuse losing weight with attaining the perfect figure, when in reality we're still pretty much the same shape, just a smaller, healthier version if that makes sense. Which is still incentive enough of course! :)
Thanks CW, you always encourage everyone. I notice you always post when somebody starts to encourage them. At what point did you stop obsessing about food and at when did you notice you were getting thinner? I've lost 10lbs and my clothes are still very tight and my spare tyre huge - maybe not as big as before, ha! (I've thin legs and a great big tummy - delightful!)


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Broxi, I am 9 weeks in having up and down days but have extreme stress in my life at the mo so my CD says this is normal, however I was having a bit of a down day to day so OH took me for some retail therapy in evans, I had to keep saying to him havent they got that in a 18 this one is to big, cant remember the last time i was in a shop and the clothes were to big,


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Thanks CW, you always encourage everyone. I notice you always post when somebody starts to encourage them. At what point did you stop obsessing about food and at when did you notice you were getting thinner? I've lost 10lbs and my clothes are still very tight and my spare tyre huge - maybe not as big as before, ha! (I've thin legs and a great big tummy - delightful!)
Aww thanks Broxi, I stopped obsessing about food a few weeks into CD.. Im not bothered what people eat around me now my husband is still eating easter eggs and chomps them every night next to me.. I have been out for meals lots and just sat and drunk shakes.. For me this is the first time in a long time I have done a diet and stuck to it 100%.. CD is def the diet for me..

I noticed I was getting thinner when my trousers started hanging on me.. take each day as it comes hon .. I started off bigger than you.... You will notice very soon I am sure. any others will start noticing too..

So hang in there hon stick with it, its so worth it xxx


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Thank you so much everyone for sharing you stories! They give me so much inspiration and motivation to keep going, I am so excited about doing this diet until I get to my ideal weight! And I can't wait until my wi on Monday!!

You all look absolutely fabulous! And I am so impressed with you all!