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encouragement please!

Hey everyone,
Its my second day on LT and I got made permanent at work today so was really happy and when i got home mum had made a nice salad and bread to celebrate :sigh: I think u can guess what happened! Now ive ate though I feel so annoyed and like a failure, I was nearly in ketosis too and now im gonna have to wait ages again to get into it, dont even know why i did it lookin back - so silly. I dont even wanna eat anymore, just want to turn back time and not have eaten :-( I know if i could just of got past it I would have been much happier. oh well, start again tomorrow, same old same old :cry:
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Well you cant turn back time and whats done is done!
You know you have done wrong and this type of behaviour is one that eventually lt teaches you you dont need to do any more!!!

Get straight back onto LT.

Does your mum know you are on this diet?
If so why an earth did she make you food?

If she doesnt know i suggest telling her!
It is nothing to be ashamed of or something you should hide.

exactly, i DEFO am not doin this again, just not worth it, i was so motivated last time, just dunno what on earth Im playin at this time! Yeh she knows, she just asked and stupidly I said Id have some, did it without giving myself chance to think so that i could eat it if u know what i mean? Ive made myself a promise, Im goin to come on here everytime i feel like eatin coz it always makes me think logically about the diet. Also though, im going to leeds for my friends bday on sat and she was on about goin to pizza hut on the way there, she knows im on this diet but i can feel a sabotage coming on!x


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Well honey for 1 your mum should never have asked you and neither should your friend and 2 you need to be strong and say NO :D

This site really does help so coming on when you feel the need for food, hungry feel down whatever just come on and yap :D

is this your 2nd time of LT is it?
thanks hun. Yeh its my second time, went on it in jan and lost 1.5 stone in 3 weeks, then i listened to my cousin who'd been on lighter life and went on that which was 1 meal and 2 shakes a day. I should never of done it, coz i find that cutting food out altogether is easier to control than just havin a bit if u know what i mean? But since then i went off the rails and havent been able to get back on it. I started again on tuesday and have been goin the gym and feelin great and thats why im so mad with myself now, I did a ketosis test and i was in it a bit but do u think i'll of come out of it now thanks to that stupid meal? just hate the fact ive gotta start my 3 days again. do u think i'll get into ketosis quicker than 3 days now though coz ive only had some salad and bread (not much bread)? so surely i wont take as long as the initial one?xx


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Bread will kick you out of ketosis honey as its full of carbs! but dont worry about it just be sure to get straight back on it and within 3/4 days you should be in ketosis - then the magic really starts to happen! lol

As for control - yes LT really does help you learn control doesnt it! I was an all or nothing girl - i could go hours without food but the minute i had something that was it - i'd binge. Thats how i knew LT was guna work for me cuz this is all i can have, i dont have any control over it and you cant eat a thing. If i had done a diet where i was allowed one meal i wouldve failed from the get go!

But well done you for trying though. Now you know which one suits you stick to it and i am sure you will be fine :D

Im here if you need a yap or anything :D
ah thanks, gutted i'll be out of ketosis now, cant expect anythin else though really after scoffing! have u had any slip ups so far?x


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Nope no slip ups - i have amazed myself with it! I am into week 8 now and have actually never felt better! lol

I am so determined to suceed with this diet eating or having slip ups its not an option for me. And besides i am so over the whole wanting food stage. I dont get hunger pangs and on the odd occasion food will enter my head but i seriously dont want it!

You will get to this stage honey you've just gota get yer willpower in order :D

Do you have much to lose?

I am off to bed now honey but i will be around tomorrow to yap :D xxx
r sounds like ur doin amazin! I can only hope i get to week 8, i know once im through the 1st week i'll be fine. Ive got about 3-4 stone to lose, was hopin to lose most of it by june so thats why i really want to get started now otherwise i might as well forget it!xx
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Louise, you can do it hun, get through the first week and youll be laughing. Im on my 3rd day and its also my 2nd time on lipoing.


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Dont worry chick! its done now... Use how your feeling to move on from it!

And no pizza!!!!!

Firstly it was salad... Then if you have pizza... What will be next??

Thats the best way to think about it and that helped me alot if i ever felt like cheating!!!

Dont beat yourself up though, tomorrow is a new day and you can do it!!


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OK so you were naughty! So pick yourself up and move on! Get back on the LT train tomorrow and don't wait another day. Get that motivation back and you will be fine.

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