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End of my lipotrim Journey


Getting married July 2011
I have decided to Refeed starting tomorrow!
I got a lot of support from a lot of guys here, especially in the first few months of my journey, and I am eternally grateful to all the kind people on here.
I haven't been around much for the past 2 months, since being back to college, but things I've learnt on here are what's kept me going.
I have decided to Refeed for a few reasons, I am happy enough with my weight, I feel healthier, my hair is coming out in droves, now that I'm back at college and treating patients most days I can't get the water into me, and I think the diet has done it's best.

I'm now a size 14, and I like my shape. I am still in the overweight category, and I intend to address that at some point in the future, but not now, now I'm going to learn how to maintain this weight.

I am going to post a new photo of me taken yesterday as soon as I finnish this post.

:wave_cry: Thanks again guys, and wish me luck!

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Good luck do you know the bits I loved about your post was these
" I am happy enough with my weight" and "I like my shape" and "I'm going to learn how to maintain this weight". Relish your success xxxxx
well done girl!! Ya look fabulous, ya will have to let us know how ya managed to lose the 4 stone, well done ya for being proud of yourself and quite rightly so, that smile is worth more than a million dollars, all the best with the refeed and good luck
Congratulations on your wonderful loss. Good luck with the refeed. :)


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Wow Guen, you are transformed!
How fantastic to feel happy in your skin, and rightly so, you look great!
Best of luck with your new life. Come back and tell us how you get on. xxxx
good luck with the refeed hun you have done great x


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Wow just checked out your photo's,your looking good hun,well done!!! good luck with your refeed, caz xx


on the up lol
well done hun, good luck on refeed and enjoy :D
Wow 14!!! Good for you, that must be great. I like your plan to think about how to approach the next phase. Very best of luck- you have changed your health situation so much- 6 1/2 stones used up and gone. Congratulations and well done Guenevere!


Getting married July 2011
Thanks guys!
Did my final weigh in (always took my official weigh in to be the one on my home scales on Wednesday mornings as I never get to the pharmacy at the same time each week, or in the same clothes) and my total loss is 6st 10 lbs.
I lasted 24 weeks, my initial target was 12 weeks, so I surpassed all my expectations.
I'm weighing just over 11 stone with a BMI of just over 29.
Not gonna talk about food on this forum, but I'm gonna try keep a Refeed diary on the Refeed forum, and if anyone has any questions, or needs encouragement come find me!

Thanks again,
BRILLIANT!!!! Good luck and well done -you're a true inspiration. :D


a new way of living!
you look totally fab! massive well done!

I managed 14 weeks before needing to really eat again, and as my bmi was just healthy i started cd810, only lost a couple of pounds since, and want to finish off later, but just relishing success myself at the moment.

joined a gym too!

excellent well done again, please keep in touch with us all!!!


Getting married July 2011
Thanks everyone!

Well done msblonde on being healthy, I still have a bit to go.

This Refeed thing is tricky tho! Maintenance bar was ok tasting, but I had no more inclination to eat it than I did to drink those shakes (used to take me 40mins to drink a 250ml shake!).



Posts when she can
Well done Guen
Ive really enjoyed ur posts and thanks for all your support when i did the diet.
The new photo is fab. Your an inspiration to us all girl. Don't be a stranger.
good luck hun, you've done great!!

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