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End of the second day

Have been at the hairdressers all day today but I took a 2 litre bottle of water with me. I had my first shake around 8am and then I did not manage to get my next shake until 3.30pm. Just had my last shake now. I have got a really bad headache but I am plodding on. Ha ha I am determined! Its good to see familiar people on here. x
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Hello, Its the end of my second day too. OMG my head is banging, hope this does go soon. Like you i want to shift this weight fast so will put up with it! Have you been tempted to pop on the scales?? We could buddy up if you like to keep each other motivated. Here goes to day 3!!! he he he he


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Hi Girls

The headache will go. It usually only lasts a few days as your body just gets used to not eating. Plus, once you get into ketosis it should be better too.

Well done on getting through to Day 2....look forward to your first WI.


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well done on starting afresh, day 2 is almost over and you will feel so much better tomorrow. Wishing you all the best.
I just started using Slim Fast two days ago and have had an incredible headache since I started. When I read your posts, I had to look up ketosis since I hadn't heard of it. Would you know, is Slim Fast low carb? If not, can this happen for other reasons/with other diets? At any rate, I'm glad to see that it does go away.



Here we go again!
Well done on getting through day 2. The time on this flies and you will be at your target before you know it. Good luck!
Well done on getting through it now just to plod on with the rest of it
What could be happening girls is withdrawal symptoms from the sugar/carbs and will pass in a few days . Take some paracetomol and take it easy. Dont draw anything too energetic on yourselves for the next few days and try and relax as much as poss.
keep your water intake up and the headaches will hopefully go in the next 2/3 days as ketosis kicks in.

i'd never heard of ketosis til i heard about LT either :)
In my first week I felt awful the headaches were bad but they do go and at the end of my 1st week i lost 9lb so stick with it its worth the inital poorly fellings ,you can do it good luck
Well done for getting through day 2! Stick with it girls, it will get easier xxx
Hi Drbetteridge, Slimfast made with milk has carbs in it more than this diet which is extreemly low. I would prob think the headache is more the lower level of sugar and caffine that has be taken in?? Not sure but if your carbs are high, and slim fast being around 21o cals a shake will your body get in to ketosis which is the magic in Lipotrim an other vlcd's??

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