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End of Week 3 and I have eaten a tin of Tuna....Aaaaargh!

Hi Guys,
I started Lipo on the first of April and have been doing really well. Haven't even had any inclination to cheat but from about Friday onwards I had a made craving for a Tuna sandwich.

Anyway last night and this morning I could not sleep for think about it so I just flipped and ate a tin of tuna at 8 this morning.

Now I feel a bit gutted but on the plus side I only ate the tuna, I resisted the temptation to have any bread.

There are no carbs or sugar in the tuna only protein, any ideas how long before I am bback in Ketosis?

Thanks for the advice,

Jo :sigh:
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Why did you do it silly, you are doing so well, hopefully there will not be too much damage, good luck and stop it!
Just lost the plot.....it was a craving, just a mad craving, a compulsion!!

No use asking me why I did it, if I knew that I wouldn't have done it!!!!!!!


weighs a lot less
tuna eh naughty girl,dont panic though you will proberly still be in ketosis,just becareful not to do it again it could lead to a binge xx
Awww thanks, I know it's not really the point but there was only 105 Cals in the tin which is less than a lipotrim sachet so I was kinda hoping if I miss a sachet out it might make amends a bit.

I feel sick as a dog since I ate it too....must be my punishment!
Your logic wont work because your sachets old the right amount of nutrients you need and a tin of Tuna doesnt.
Did you have bread or mayo with it or sweetcorn mmmmmmmmmmm my fave sarnie.


weighs a lot less
still have your shake hun,i too have been naughty it was ham for me ,in a panic i rang LT and they said to still have the shake xxx
Lmao only after its washed mmmmm xx


weighs a lot less
any sweetcorn would taste good right now ,im just cooking sunday dinner for my lot,they are having duck with roasties cooked in the duck fat,sprouts,mash and yorkshires ,i hope they are all sick lolxx
Cheers guys.

No Gary I didn't have mayo, sweetcorn or even bread!!

Just the tin of tuna! I wanted a sandwich but thought the tuna would satisfy my craving!


Back again - hey ho!
Aw Jo, we've all slipped up somewhere along the line, be it big time, or just a little teeny crafty naughty :rolleyes: like the lickle naughty bit of chicken i chewed to death today :eek:
Dont beat yourself up, just dont do it again!!!! lol:whoopass:
I havent slipped up once and I dont think you will again, good luck kidda;)
I'm not long on the diet but havn't cheated so far... can tell ya one thing though - IF I did.. it would not be for a f&*^ can of TUNA!! It will be with a big fry up and toast... mmmmm... But, I won't.. I swear.. and you don't do it again either!!! :)


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