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Engagement rings??


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My engagement ring is Sapphire with Diamond cluster - 18 carat and cost £500.00 from a family jewellers in Kendal. (we were up there on hols and I knew exactly what I wanted...Sapphire is my birth stone)

My two nieces both have small diamond solitaires (one white diamond cost over £1000.00) and the other approx £800.00.

Good luck with your ring shopping, I hope you have fun.
MY engagement ring came from QVC and was under £100. It is white gold with london blue topaz, swiss blue topaz and diamond. If we had had the money I would have gone to tiffany & co as they have beautiful rings there.


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Hi Hun!

Mine was from H Samuel and was half price in the sale so instead of £300 it cost £150 - which for OH at the time was loadsa money... (14 years ago)....

It is a ceylon sapphire in the middle and a small triangle of 12 tiny diamonds on each side...... as it was an unusual shape I had to have the wedding ring made to fit and on my 40th (our 10th anniversary year too) had an eternity ring to fit between the two of them and even now 14 years later I still love my engagement ring - it's gorgeous......

I personally feel you should just look and look and you will one day something will just 'catch your eye' - we weren't even looking to buy but just spotted it and that was it - we had to leave a £20 deposit and that's all we'd got for the Saturday night out (god we were so poor...!!) so we put the deposit on it and then OH paid in installments.... bless (just typing this makes me think it feels like it was another lifetime ago....!) I would also personally not spend too much money on one you would be then too scared to wear incase you lost it or damaged it......

Happy hunting hun and I'm sure it'll be perfect...... you could always have a nice rock chick skull and cross bone one....;)


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Hi Isobel

My engagement ring came from Ernest Jones. I too did a bit of research beforehand . When we came to a wedding ring I had it made to measure in Hatton Garden because of the unusual shape of the ring. Just something to bear in mind when choosing the shape of the ring if you want a plain wedding ring.
Have a lovely time choosing.
love pam x
Hello babes!!! What a lovely thread... and yes it IS very exciting you lucky lucky girl.... I'd love a platinum ring with a great big diamone - hmmmm could always buy myself one i suppose hahahaha!! Enjoy the shopping and research babes, look forward to seeing a pic of what you actually go for!!!


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That's a good point, darling! Thanks for reminding me of that - and yes, I do want a plain wedding ring, but one that matches a bit!

Hatton Garden, hey? Fab!!! Shame I'm not in London anymore lol!

Its quite a long way for me now. So it meant three day trips down there. 2nd one to have a fitting and the 3rd one to pick up the finished rings. DH did not want a plain ring so he had bands of diamonds on his (Flash git) Mine dipped in a v to fit my engagement ring. It was in 3 strips, white gold sandwiched by yellow gold and the white gold was set with diamonds. So it almost looks likes a wedding ring and eternity ring combined if you know what I mean lol.

Hatton Garden worked out a lot cheaper than locally. Because my ring did not come to as much as he had budgeted for I got a lovely gold bracelet too.:)

(PS He seems to have come to his senses and is behaving better now. Depends how long it lasts).


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I'm with Karen on this one.......

No. 1 - the expensive one :rolleyes:
No. 2 - the cheapest one :D
No 3 - soz don't like it at all- looks cheaper than the cheaper one if you know what I mean....:eek:


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In the 'old fashioned days' (as my kids call them...LOL) wasn't a gentleman supposed to spend the equivalent to one months wages on a engament ring - or was it half a month?


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I have to admit the best bit about the whole shopping for a ring experience was when the jeweller handed the ring to H2B and told him to put it on my finger...the whole effect was slightly spoiled when he had to ask which one & which hand :p

I wish you all the best (tell which finger before you go in)

Take Care


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LOL Lenny - that's lovely!!!!! Bless ya!!

I think he knows which finger - but I will check LMTO!!!

He's just called me and I've mentioned THE ring and he nearly choked but says we'll go and have a look at it and I can try it on etc etc. So we'll see lol!


Betcha get the one you really love Isobel - Eric loves you too much to make you settle for second best.....;)

PS - you won't have 'hamhocks' whenyour at target hun....:D You'll have dainty laydees fingers......:D


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In the 'old fashioned days' (as my kids call them...LOL) wasn't a gentleman supposed to spend the equivalent to one months wages on a engament ring - or was it half a month?

I managed to drum this into my fiance, lol :D thank god he's on good money!

He has the best taste in the world and picked the ring himself and the whole proposal was a surprise :D :D I now have a platinum ring on my finger with a bling half carat diamond!! :eek: Cost him £1,800!!

I've done well for a poor stooodent don't ya think!! ;)

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