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Enough of this messing about I need to sort myself out, please help.

I have realised that despite 'following' Slimming World since January 2011 I am more or less the same weight that I was a year ago. This is because I loose a pound or two and then I go on holiday, which is good, and put a pound or two back on. I am going wrong somewhere so I am going to try and write everything down in the hope that you lovely ladies will readmy diary and advise me.Will start with breakfast in the morning.
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Thanks Chloe. I really need to stop messing about so....

Weight this morning 11st 13.

This is after all the Jubillee cake etc which is now gone.

Breakfast was 2 slices of bacon, mushrooms, tomato and egg. Going to do a Red day. My HEA is always milk in tea. Will plan on chicken salad for lunch and use my HEB on potato with dinner at 6pm.
I don't work until the afternoons most days so I have time in the mornings. It's dinner that will be thrown together as I work till 6 tonight. Just having a small bowl of butternut squash soup and a small plate of chicken salad. Will take a yogurt and an apple or banana to work with me.
Hi smint

I'm going to have one HEB as new potatoes with my liver and bacon and probably two alpen bars or crisp breads later when I get peckish.
So Thursday ended as

Bfast. Bacon,egg,mushrooms and tomato
Lunch. Chicken salad of cucumber,lettuce,tomato,peppers followed by a yogurt from Lidl (2 syns)
Afternoon snack of a banana
Dinner. Liver,bacon,onions, new potatoes HEB,swede,carrots and broccoli. 2 spoons gravy (2syns?)
Evening. Kitkat and 2 alpen light bars HEB.
HEA was milk in tea during day.
drank 3 pints NAS squash as well

Comments appreciated.
Fridays meals

Bfast Two weetabix and a peach. HEB
Lunch. baked potato and baked beans and a Lidl yogurt (2syns)
Dinner. Two quorn sausages (2 syns) with pasta and tomato and onion sauce.
Snacks. 1 apple, some grapes and a Penguin cake bar (5syns)
Supper Three crispbread with a scraping of jam. HEB plus ? Syns for low sugar jam
Milk in tea HEA
three pints of NAS squash during the day.

Does this sound ok?
Sat meals

Breakfast. Crunchy bran,muller yogurt and a banana. HEB
lunch. Pasta and sauce with extra mushrooms. An orange
dinner. Fish pie ( the one made with fromage frais) HEB. Some grapes during the day.

Milk in tea HEA

Two glasses of 'fake' pimms with the SWrecipe
Spoilt my day with a slice is birthday cake but counted it as all syns for the day.

All advice and comments welcome.
So on to Sunday

Up early for church as it was reading of the banns for my dsughter's wedding.

Breakfast was weetabix HEB and a banana

Lunch baked potato, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and mince made into bolognaise HEB

Not sure yet what to have for tea but it may be couscous and salad
So dinner ended up as couscous and salad followed by two kiwi fruit, some blueberries, grapes and a muller light yogurt. I have a tub of chocolate philli to use up. Any suggestions?


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Use it as a dipping sauce for strawberries. Lush!
I have just used 20g on three ginger finger biscuits. The biscuits total 108 calories so 5and a half syns and about three or four for thr Philly so not too bad. Tasted yummy.

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