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Especially for my low days...

Well Ive decided to start up a diary to help me remember my reasons for wanting to lose weight when I get my low moments and at the moment im having plenty.

1. My biggest reason is to start liking myself again. Im only 23 and when I was 20 I started to pile on the weight - it was a combination of things. I moved out on my own and the deep fat fryer became my only form of cooking
Then I had a misscarriage and I drank and ate like it was going out of fashion and then I became pregnant again I ate for 5 people every day - the result?? Jumping from a svelte size 12 to a whopping size 16....

2. To feel sexy again. Gone are the days when I would hold my head up and walk into a nightclub -knowing that my skinny black dress and my ability to walk the walk would turn heads. It used to drive my boyfriend mad - now no body gives me a second look.

3. To have the confidenence I once had - my confidence in my self is so low I just want it back.

So there are my reasons.

Im doing the lipotrim diet and I started at 11st 13lb bmi of 26 - im now at 10st 4lb bmi of 23 in 7 weeks. I want to keep going to 9st 7lb but my chemist is a bit dubious. And to top it off I keep changing my mind about when to stop.... It wrecking my head.

Then im torn between doing low carb/low fat or low cal maintanence afterwards.

So there's my story so far. I will try and update as often as I can

Ally xxx
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great idea to start a diary :)

WELL DONE on your loss so far - fantastic :D

not far to go now.....

keep us posted !

Debz xx
Feeling really good today! I bought the GI diet for dummies and I think thats the maintanence route im going to take after im finished LT. So its a real weight off my shoulders thank god.

Ive also decided that im not setting a date for finishing - and the chemist isnt going to tell me when either - when I feel comfortable - ill stop.

So yes today is a much better and brighter day!
Ahhh my head has been wrecked the last few days. I have to say ive had equally as many bad days as I have had good.

My mood swings are a lot worse - and they were pretty bad to begin with.

At the start of the week I was contemplating coming off lipotrim - even though im not yet happy with my body. People who were once supportive of the diet are now telling me im obsessed and there will be nothing left of me

I still have a huge belly though - Ive been toning up but this is way more than toning up. I cant afford really to lose weight anywhere else. My legs are fine, my arms arent wobbly and my bum has disapearred.

So the last few days ive been faced with 2 choices

1. Stay on LT for another week at least - combined with pleny of water and vigourous excercise that should up my losses

2. Come off LT and try and lose my belly myself

This is where the problem came in, I spent Monday getting used to the idea of eating again. Only to catch a glimpse of my wobbly belly in the mirror and change my mind. So I want to stay on LT but am so miserable about food...

Well tonight as it was raining and I couldnt go for a walk so I done 30 mins on the Wii. I focused half of that on fat burning excercises and the rest on toning excercises.

Im gonna go upstairs now to bed do a few stretches and sit ups and read a book.

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