Essexali29's food diary - time to get back to target


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Hi Ali..i have used minimins before,i used to be SlimmingAli if anyone remembers me. I joined sw july 2010 and reached target july 2012 and had lost 7st 10lb,since then i have put back on 2st 8lb. I need to get myself back into this properly as its making me so depressed that i cant get into the lovely skinny clothes i had bought. So i thought i would start a food diary to try and keep on track,im looking forward to using minimins again. Feel free to comment or let me know of any changes you think i need to make..i will be starting from tomorrow. Xxx
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Day 1 Extra Easy

Breakfast - banana,strawberries,grapes

Lunch - Egg and cheese (hea) salad

Dinner - lemon chicken (from petes recipes 1.5 syns) rice and salad

Snack - bag of tangy toms (4syns)
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