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The Diet Guy
Bloody nora! £200 for a bloke for 2 weeks!!

And no medical required or anything.




Gold Member
Couldn't decide whether the article was an advert or not. Dr Chris from This morning approves. The article was interesting and shows how similar it is to CD
Irene xx


The Diet Guy
It says you fill in an online medical form and they then let your GP know you are doing the diet.

Does look really pricey though, in fact much more than Lighterlife without the counselling.

Would be interested to see if anyone has done it.



The Diet Guy
For that money i want them to unwrap the chocolate bar and feed it to me while giving me a gentle indian head massage LMAO!


Gone fishing
Quite some backing there:eek:

eurodiet™ has the support of some
available on request to comment on
fitness and emotional issues associated
* Dr Chris Steele (TV Celebrity GP)
* Dr Linda Papadopoulos (Big Brother)
* Aldo Zilli (Celebrity Chef)
* Jonathan Scott (Exercise Guru)
* Dr Adam Collins (Nutritionist)

Hope you don't mind me butting in - I was just searching to see if anyone was doing Eurodiet over here - to see how they're getting on and compare the losses to CD/LL etc. Looks like I may be one of the first to try it though -so thought I'd try to help - be the guinea pig as it were!

I'm just coming to the end of my first week on Eurodiet and have lost 5 lbs on it and compared to Cambridge (which I still think is fab and I have a lot to thank it for) this is SOOOOOOO easy. Even the weekly trips to hell (ie the weekends) are fine.

I know there are some concerns re medical - but it is just the same as CD - there is a q'aire and if there are any concerns you need consent from the docs

I must admit the price put me off at first but thought I'd give it a go anyway (put it on my credit card and will worry about it later :eek:) The initial money goes towards the cost of the nurses / nutritionists/ exercise chappie etc (which you do not pay any extra for) as well as your packs. You can get a taster kit for 50 quid instead. Apparantly there are always offers on - in august it's 3 for 2 so I've just placed an order which will last 6 weeks and works out about 30 quid a week.

Anyway, I'm not phishing (or whatever the technical term is) - just thought I'd give the info that I've learned so far - I know that this is what it looks like as it's my first post. I just know that I saw the article mid june and didn't start until now coz it is steep pricewise and I had no reference as no-one on here or DH has done it!!

I recognise a few names from DH (I used to have a sneaky peak when at work back in january last year - but never had the guts at the time to register) It's good to see everyone doing so well!

Icemoose - saw you on Golden Balls and that program that had the millionaires! So glad you got your surgery!! You're quite the inspiration!!!

Toots xx


Gone fishing
Thanks for that Toots. Very interesting and well done for the 5lbs! :clap:


Queen of the Damned
Congrats on losing 5 lbs Toots :clap:


Staff member
S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)
Congrats on your 5lbs. off this week:clap:

You will have to keep us posted on how your doing.

Finding a diet that suits is key!

Love Mini xxx
Hi Everyone

Thanks for the warm welcome and support

Toots xx
Hi Irene

I got the £200 starter pack for £175 and they give you a little of everything - soups / bars (both cereal and choc coated) / puddings (which set on their own without mix-a-mouse) and omlettes - Oooh, and brownies. They even have potato puree - which is basically like Smash - and pasta. You can also have veggies off the phase 1 list - basically the green ones + mushrooms and aubergines. They have just brought out muffins but they're from phase 2 onwards, so that's something to look forward to.

Example of a day in Eurodiet land: Today I've had:
Breakfast Euro Chocolate cereal
Lunch Brocolli & Cauli covered in Euro Chicken curry soup
Dinner Euro Cheese & chive omlette with roasted asparagus,mushrooms, courgettes and leeks
Later on I'm going to have Euro apple crumble dessert.

I've also had loads of coffee (it's meant to be caffeine free) with skimmed milk and a couple of litres if water.

I'm trying so hard not to be evangelical coz there's nothing worse - but it is fab!! (It is soo nice not to be obsessing about being hungry every waking moment ad having to go to bed at 8 o'clock!!) The other diets are fab too, but like Mini said earlier, finding a diet that suits you as a person really is key!!

Hope this helps

Toots xx


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My friend did this diet and lost some serous weight,i think about 5 stone in no time though there is a place where you can go here as opposed to an online diet and she got bloods etc done

was pricey enough but she really loved it



Queen of the Damned
You sound really good Toots, and looking forward to hearing more from you :cool:
Hey Ivy - thanks for that - it helps to know that someone has had a long term good experience on it

DQ - I certainly will - poor Irene, I've kinda hijacked her thread - sorry, Irene - I'll start a new one!!

Ails xx

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