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Ever shrinking feet...

.... while I was out shopping yesterday I knew that my feet were killing me not only because the sandals I was wearing had heels - I never wear flats no matter how long I'm out for so am used to being in heels (joys of being 5ft 1.25") but also because my feet have shrunk and the sandals were constantly slipping.

While I was out I bought these

- now the last trainers I'd bought were size 6.5 and I'd even had to buy some at size 7 in the past --- these are a size 5.5 and they fit like a dream :)

Now that don't help me with my sandals though as all the ones I have are at least a 6!
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I've had a similar problem with my work shoes. I've not lost huge amounts of weight but you never really think about your feet getting smaller!
Cute trainers! My feet have gotten skinnier but I'm still the same size. Alas I can't wear those cute ballet slippers that are in this season as they drop off my narrow feet!


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Love the trainers Katie. Ive got really fat little trotter like feet so can never wear sandals. The podgy-ness bulges over the top....


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I am the same! My shoes were coming off my feet as I was walking on my night out last night! Cool trainers thoguh! I have some similar


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Are those Adidas Centinnal Trainers? My son wants some like that but they are very rare if they are the same ones.

My feet are now a size 5 ...or they would be if my big toe wasnt swollen after banging it last night



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That's funny, I was thinking my shoes were a bit bigger. When I was slimmer I was a 5 and over the years have gone up to sometimes 6.5. I thought it was my 3 pregancies but obviously now it must have been the weight gain. I wonder if my feet will return to a size 5 if I get to my goal weight?
JFC - they are the Adidas Superstar Oddity ones.

Gone back to a 6 though as have just been and bought some sandals from Next and they are a 6 - they're only narrow though so that probably doesn't help.

Deb G

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I lost six stone and 1 shoe size - am now a 5, not a 6!


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I was talking to my mum about it and she said that Lorraine Kelly was talking about it on TV one morning and she said it's not true. She is so totally wrong!

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