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Everyday is a new day!

5% - 10.5lbs
10% - 21lbs
Initial goal - 62lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been here before - actually I have been on nearly EVERY diet thread before and here I am again.

I walked away from weight watchers early last year. I didn't think it was working when actually it was ME who wasn't working.

I lost 5 stone on weight watchers a few years ago. I felt great, still had body issues (don't we all) then put most of it back on and now I feel disgusting.

So my new mantra is "everyday is a new day" if I mess up I am terrible for letting it continue but I just can't anymore!!

I started yesterday and I am really pleased with how my day went and I am completely prepared for this week.

My partner and I decided that we would have "frozen" dinners this week to get me on track initially as I often feel pressure to create a menu of eating from scratch and then it goes to pot in week one!!

Wish me luck!!
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Another good day yesterday so far my week looks like:

Sunday 26/32
Monday 31/32
Tuesday 31/32

I am not intentionally eating less than my 32 but due to the choices that I am making I physically can't eat anymore!! We are having a "world food day" at work in Friday so saving my weeklies for then!

Yesterday I had porridge and coffee at breakfast, lunch was a thick homemade soup then some fruit with yoghurt, dinner was a ww meal with salad. I snacked on fruit.

Today is much the same except I am taking hummus and carrot sticks instead of yoghurt but still taking the fruit to snack on.

Really need to consider what exercise I want to do but plan to get through this week first!
I am really pleased with myself after yesterday! My lovely friend had been at a cupcake class on Saturday and Kindly brought one to work for me.

It sat on my desk for hours, I looked at in longingly. So I decided to only eat half and take the hummus and carrot sticks home. I was lovely and worth the points! I then had to force my work husband to eat the rest so that I wouldn't!!

Yesterday I finished on 30/32

Today looks good:

B - porridge with jam and skimmed milk (6) & Starbucks coffee (5)
L - BNS, red pepper and soft cheese soup (1) & blackberry, strawberry and mango salad
D - WW red Thai curry with steamed veg (11)
Snacks - clementine, plum, carrot sticks & nume hummed (5)

Today is going to be a toughy. I made one point soup on Tuesday night to take for my lunch yesterday and today and it turns out I don't like it. I don't have anything else I can take for lunch (I buy from a list and never buy extras) and this is a worry to me! This is when I go off track!

So far today looks like:

Breakfast :Coffee (7)

Lunch: strawberry, mango and blackberries bowl. Carrot sticks and nume hummus (5)

Dinner: ww chicken penne meal (8) and steamed veg (1).

I have 11 left to get lunch with so might stop in at M&S and look at their count on us range!
Hi...just popping in to subscribe. Hope you you found/find something nice at M&S for lunch :) x
So today was world food day at work which I organised.

For breakfast I had a fruit platter and coffee (7), in preparation for World food day. It was the reason I kept my party points all week!!

And then it began, I ate... A lot!!

But when I think about it, I wasn't really "bad" I had a little of what I fancied and barely touched the sweet food.

I haven't had dinner and don't plan too as I am still full. If I get peckish I had mango in the fridge. There's no point in attempting my points today but I still had 25 dailies and 49 weeklies so I think I'll be ok!!

Weigh in number one tomorrow!
Hope you enjoyed the world food day. Sounds like you did well avoiding the sweet food and had plenty of points to use.
Good luck for weigh in tomorrow :) x
That's great! Well done! x
Thanks :) I was delighted.

So... I have an awful awful habit which I know I need to stop but whichever day I get weighed I always use it as a "free day" I barely track but then find it hard to be in plan!

I did ok on Saturday but when I got to dinner didn't track it!!! Why do I do this??

Yesterday I went shopping and forgot to take my fruit. It got to 2 o'clock and my mind started taking me to chocolate. Unsure how any bars I picked up and put back and ended up taking a burrito home! I tracked everything yesterday and my points are were

Dailies 31/31
Weeklies 9/49

I need to get my Fitbit back up and running! Give me some motivation to mooooooooove.
Think I am going to note my menus in here to remain accountable! Please feel free to tell me off or give me a virtual slap if required!!

B - oats so simple with skimmed milk and 20g jam (6) and a grande skimmed caramel mac (5).

L - last nights jambalaya (9) and a fruit salad

D - WW spag Bol (8) and salad

S - clementines


I can't knock the Starbucks habit! I am going away for three weeks in a couple of weeks so will stop from then - hopefully my daily points will have reduced anyway so I wouldn't be so points happy x
B - grande skimmed caramel mac (5).

L - last nights jambalaya (9) and a fruit salad

D - WW spag Bol (8) and salad

S - clementines, Freddo (3), piece of shortbread (2), bit of tablet x 2 (4), cup of tea (1).

I will have to look at the jambalaya recipe :)
Hope that writing down your menu's here helps...it definitely helps me to stay on track x

B - OSS, 20g jam and skimmed milk (6) and Starbucks coffee (5)

L - homemade tomato soup (0), fruit salad with 80g onken Apple and mango yoghurt (2).

D - WW spag Bol and salad (8)

S - clementines x 2
Still doing well hun.
How do you make your tomato soup? x

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