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Exante and planned surgery


really trying again!
S: 19st2lb C: 17st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 2st2lb(11.19%)
Hi fellow exante-ers!

Just wanted some advice or anyone's experience with handling this diet with planned surgery involving a general anaesthetic. Looks like I will need one in 2 weeks time. Currently I am TS and was hoping to be so for the next 8 weeks pre my holidays but advice seems to be to come off the diet before and eat sensibly post op to allow my body to recover.

Does anyone know timescales for this or have any good tips on what to do?

I'm so frustrated at the thought of having to come off plan when I'm still not at goal but clearly my health comes first and I can always come back to this once better.

Any advice gratefully received xx
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really trying again!
S: 19st2lb C: 17st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 2st2lb(11.19%)
Thanks Clair. Wow 12 weeks is pretty mega isn't it! Will pop and email to Exante to check.

Cheers x
most VLCDs will recommend 2 weeks prior to surgery and 12 weeks after , this is for anything from ingrowing toe nail removal to open heart surgery .. basically they have to cover their backs !! As long as you are not in ketosis when you have the GA then you are ok , so come off the day before and eat some low GI carbs . You should not go back to TS until you are fully healed , I had my gallbladder reoved whilst on VLCD and waited about 5 weeks after the surgery to return . I cannot advise you to go against exantes guidelines , as they are their for a reason , but in my opinion its about common sense and you need to think about what surgery you are having and how long it will take you to fully heal .
Hope everything is ok with you. Your surgeon needs to also know that you were alot heavier too, as even though you are slimmer now, you will have much more blood supply that never goes away even when the weight does xx
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Hiya Gaga...
Did you get any response from Exante ?


really trying again!
S: 19st2lb C: 17st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 2st2lb(11.19%)
Thanks for taking the time to respond ladies. I really hadn't considered the whole blood vessel thing Divster so cheers for that advice. Exante came straight back today and said minimum of 2 weeks off plan before the operation and up to 12 weeks off plan after the op depending on Consultant's advice.

Sounds a long time to me but health first and this is what they recommend for a reason......


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I came off ts a few days before my op, as i didn't know better, but a month on i am about to return. My recovery has been far slower than expected, but my advice is to allow your body to heal. U need rest ( even if u feel fine, i've seriously overdone some days) and let yourself recover, don't be thinking u must go back days later. I had to set a return date for my own sanity, so will have been awol about 5-6 weeks. Try not to stress, exante will be here. Look after you foremostly. Hope everything goes well.x

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I must say that I've noticed a significant slowing of my skin's ability to heal since being on the VLCD - and that's just minor cuts and scrapes, let alone a surgical wound!

Twelve weeks may seem like a long time, but a slow-healing wound could take much longer than that to heal judging by how much my skin's struggling to cope with my everyday clumsiness - of course, may be my skin's just excessively lazy but it does make sense that when you're only consuming the barest amount to remain healthy, you need to be in perfect health.

In all honesty, I think you'll find twelve weeks fly by - not least because for some of that time you'll just be focusing on getting yourself better for this holiday... and then you'll actually be on holiday (jealous!)

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