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Exante - Counselling Books??


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Hi there

I dont know of any but would love to see if anyone on here does too as I think I need this too. My friend does LL and it has really helped her with her reasons for over eating x
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This would be ace for me too!! I want to counsel myself.....well I know thats slightly impossible


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At the moment i am reading Thin for Life. Okay it's not a CBT book but it is a book from weight loss maintainers who give their tips for long term maintenance. I've only just started reading it so haven't got into it. But it was quite refreshing to see a book of this style, and not one of the regular diet book. Maintanence is the hard part!

Another book i recommennd is Overcoming Overeating, the only thing i would say is that it encourages to get off of the dieting treadmill which is fine in theory but if you are desperate to lose weight nothing can convince you otherwise than to diet, but it has some great chapters on emotional eating etc.


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A good book that I have read is Why French Women Don't Get Fat. It's about the difference in quantities and diet over there to over here and teaches you that you can eat everything, as the french do, and remain at a healthy body weight. It's an interesting read!
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Hi I am new to this forum I started on Celebrity Slim then moved on to LL but have had to give up due to the price, I am starting exante as soon as my packs arrive (ordered them this morning). I was worried about missing out on the CBT too as I did find it helpful but I have ordered a couple of books off Amazon, one is called 'CBT for dummies', and am going to continue with it on my own. Perhaps you could do that too, it's worth a try! Good luck. I am hoping that the exante products are as nice as the LL ones, will let you know.

Polly x


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Thanks Lyn will have a look at that one x

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