Exante drink mix


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Edieangelo said:
Hi - can anyone tell me how much drink mix you can use per day? I can't see anything on the website. It makes all the water so much easier to drink but not sure if it's restricted?

Cheers! :)

Exante were very vague they just said not to use if for all your daily water allowance if you want to stay in ketosis
I buy flavourings from a cambridge counsellor as theirs are much lower in carbs


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Hmm, thanks for that Dustqueen. I think I'll stick to no more than two a day, with very little added.


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Yep definitely dont use too much of the stuff because it has a very high carb content and will knock you out of ketosis.

Have you tried the strawberry or apple still water from tesco? Both are nice and better than the exante flavourings carb wise!


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I bought the 3 flavours and haven't even opened them et.. I'm using up what tesco high juice drinks I got.. but don't use the flavourings much.. only when I drink a 70ml bottle of fizzy water..
Sort of wishing I didn't buy them now.. to be honest.. :rolleyes: