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Exante FREE POSTAGE + 50% Discount Offer - Not so free

Just received an email from Exante advertising their new offer, namely free postage on 4-wks bumper packs. Free postage offer valid until Sat evening only.

Only problem is I just went on their site and was surprised to see that the price of the Bumper Pack has gone up from 89 GBP to 99 GBP. I am 100% sure that the price of the bumper pack was still 89 GBP on Monday as I was contemplating placing an order.

Anyhow, it looks like the free postage is not so free after all as they have just increased their prices to cover for it!

A disgruntled Nat
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I received that email to! i thought it was great that it was under the £90!.
I know i will not be able to order before the 13th.

Not very impressed either!.
i saw that before i thought it was a bit of a fix.. lol
its a con and not a very good one lol .. as its the price you could buy them for with postage before that offer

so they just put the price up to cover there postage :D and classed it as an offer .
sadly, it's a classic marketing tactic. Then when the 'offer' ends, I bet the pack price will still be a tenner dearer. ;)

It's an attempt to squeak the prices up without anyone noticing - effectively a fiver at a time...
Yup, I agree...I had decided to do it all sensibly when I get back from hols in Egypt, as in eat sensibly and exercise, then I thought, oooh, an offer, I might do another month. I then realised that it was one big con as it is more than I have paid for box of Exante since before
Xmas...in fact, the last pack I bought last week with postage was cheaper. I think they've now lost a customer in me, because I don't really take kindly to that. I know it's not much money different, but it's the principle!!


Silver Member
Agree. I soon need to buy my last packs to get me to goal- approx a month's worth plus rtm. This has caused me to start looking at alternatives. They must think we're daft- fat and daft lol!
I hadn't ordered since way before Christmas, so I think it's quite a good offer. 50% discount is still really good. I hope they don't take the offer off completely, as this is a much better deal than I was paying last year!

Hope everyone is doing well. I've ordered my BP today and hopefully I'll get back onto the WS easily. I'll keep you updated :)

I don't know what everyone is getting so upset about. Yes, it's a marketing ploy, but probably more for the newbies/ returners rather than existing customers. Yes it is obvious that it is not cheaper than the previous offer, but it is still cheap and discounted and a hell of a difference to LL. Need to look at the bigger picture. They are a company trying to make money in a very difficult market therefore, they need to try different strategies to tempt people to buy their product.

It isn't enough of an reduction in discount to put me off - it is still s huge discount!!

I've stop rambling now.....sorry!
It isn't enough of an reduction in discount to put me off - it is still s huge discount!!
Actually, I quite agree. Every company has to put their prices up occasionally, And for a diet company it makes business sense for them to do it in feb. I was just explaining their rationale for the 'free P&P offer'. If they had just put their pack price up by a tenner without some sort of temporary buffer, then there'll be even more of an uproar!

I consider myself quite fortunate to have got one order in before the price change, but the extra £2.50 a week won't put me off ordering any more. From what I've read, the similarly priced competition are nothing to write home about, anyway.

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