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Exante is off on holiday!


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Well my case is packed and included are my Exante Shake Packs and my Tesco Ultraslim Bars. ;)

We are staying at our own place in Cyprus so it is quite easy to stick to the plan most of the time. :eek:

During our 10 days away we will have 3 or 4 meals out in Restaurants but I intend to chose wisely from the wonderful meat, fish and salad on offer. :D

I will weigh in tomorrow morning before I leave then again when I get back and hopefully there will be a loss - even a small one will be good. I do have a set of scales in Cyprus too so no doubt will be tempted to jump on those too! :D

I cant wait to get home slimmer and browner than now!
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WOW!!! have a fantastic holiday!!! :)


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Wow good luck and can I come and stay lol :-D


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Ooooh lovely......... you have a fantastic time and as you're so prepared (how organised!) you'll stay in control and feel better for it :)
Have a fantastic holiday and well done for organising your packs and trying to stick with it.

I admire your willpower, or at least the intention so far!! ;)

Good luck and enjoy yourself, but not too much mind. :D


taking it 1 day at a time
You lucky thing :). Good on you for sticking with the diet, not sure I could manage. I'll watch out for your posts on your return hoping to see at least a small loss. That would be great.
Good luck and have a great holiday.


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Good luck and have a fab holiday. I LOVE cyprus.
Day 2 and doing well. :D

Sitting in Paphos Harbour with a fizzy water and a green salad. Only had 1 bar today so far + about 3 litres of water.

It is so much easier to drink the water in this weather.

Great thing is I had left some clothes here that didn't fit but they do now - wearing some trousers I haven't worn for ages so that is a good feeling.
Well done, hope you're having a fab time on holiday



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good luck with the rest of the holiday

i culdnt do it so seriousley well done xxxx

enjoy the rest of your holiday xxx
Had a bit of a wobble the last couple of days but nothing horrendous.

Out for a meal with friends tomorrow night then it's back on 100% shakes.

My next proper weigh in will be Tuesday the morning I go back to work :( so hopefully I will remain the same weight then as when I came away.

I have been taking my shaker with iced water to the beach and mixing a shake there it's not been a problem really. It's just the evenings which are hard when it's nice to eat out with my husband. Have just had salads so far.
Well done, that's brilliant, hope all goes well for the rest of the holiday and the weigh in



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Well home again :mad: and going to restart 100% TS today.

Will have a weigh in tomorrow morning - not really expecting a loss but to stay the same would be good.:confused:

Pleased that even though I have eaten it hasnt got out of control as is usual when I am away. ;)

Nice to be able to catch up on all the motivational threads on this forum - I really do think it helps.


I can do this..
Well done on sticking with it whilst on holiday, not sure I would be able to. Fingers xxx for your WI tomorrow, I'm sure you'll have done fine...let us know..


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Well weighed in this morning and have lost 2 3/4lbs since I went on holiday so well pleased with that! :D

Also into the 14 stones - so that's good. :)
WOW... WOW... You are amazing. The fact that you took shakes on holiday and had a good loss is so inspirational. I keep putting TS off because it never quite seems to fit in with my life (lots of social events and networking through work, etc) but it just goes to show, if you wanna make it happen you can! Well done hun x
Well done Ros fantastic news


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