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  1. suziefloozie

    suziefloozie Full Member

    Hi everyone, I've just finished 4 th week on Cambridge. I've lost 1 stone 2 lb but it's expensive so I'm keeping options open. Extante seems similar but cheaper but wondered if someone could answer the following...can't find answers online...

    Can I have the ready meals on total solution...I'm assuming it's like ss on Cambridge...

    What tastes nice abd horrid, they sell bumper packs but don't want to be stuck with horrid stuff

    How much does the average person lose per month? Cambridge is about a stone ..

    Thanks all
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  3. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member


    i think the weight loss on this is the same as Cambridge and LL. By the ready meals to you mean the sachets of meals such as chilli and spaghetti bolognese? If so then yes you can have them.

    As to what is nice everyone's tastes differ, do some like some and others like others - in shakes I only have the chocolate (hot) and the vanilla (hot with a spoon of coffee), I like all the bars but prefer the choc orange and the fruit and nut ones. I like all the meals that I've tried, spag Bol, chilli, shepherds pie and pasta carbonara.

    Hope this helps!
  4. suziefloozie

    suziefloozie Full Member

    Thanks for reply. Why do you have to stop for a week after 3 weeks?? With Cambridge it's after 12
  5. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    It's because you don't have a counsellor doing this.
  6. suziefloozie

    suziefloozie Full Member

    But what would the counsellor do anyway. I'm not looking forward to the bars, I can't see how they would be filling. And I'm dreading porridge because Cambridge porridge is vile.
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  7. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Don't know to be honest, but because it's classed as an unsupported diet you are meant to have a week of food more often.
  8. BeeBeeSee

    BeeBeeSee Gold Member

    The bars are very filling in my opinion. Don't forget that all food packs whether they are shakes, bars, soups or meals have roughly the same amount of cals/protein so their "filling factor" is very similar too. The porridge is a matter of taste of course and you won't know until you try it, personally I like it. If you are in it to lose weight, then you will knuckle down and use the products, whether you like them or not. It's all about attitude.
  9. cherryhead

    cherryhead Member

    I've found the porridge generally ok, and there are some other threads that have recipes that you can use - for instance you can make biscuits with the porridge apparently.

    Chilli seems to be a popular meal but I haven't had it. We got a bumper pack at the start called winter warmers I think, everything in there's been ok with some better than others. I was dreading the apple and cinnamon porridge but that was much nicer than I expected. Since then I've bought the boxes of 50 of ones that I liked best, I think work out the same price per unit as the bumper boxes..??

    I think they just advise you to only do 3wks at a time because that's the NHS advice, you can just drink milk though if you don't want food. I've just finished my 4th week and its been my 2nd best week for weight loss, only beaten by my first week.

    Feel like I've written an essay here but hope it helps!
  10. suziefloozie

    suziefloozie Full Member

    Carbonara gave me indigestion but was nice, didn't like shake or bar so I'm sticking to Cambridge I think as I like it. Just have to try and sell my 6 days of extante otherwise ivevwasted £50!
  11. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Shame that you don't like it but it's better to stick to a diet with foods that you like otherwise it's just another of those things that might break you - good luck!
  12. suziefloozie

    suziefloozie Full Member

    Yes Deffo. Think I'd cheat a little anyway, even on ww when I was satisfied, I still wanted a bit of choc :)

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