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Exante V's Lipotrim ?

..........................I started on Lipotrim and switched to Exante and the losses have been very similar. Good luck whichever way you choose to go xx
hi everybody,
i'm doing lipotrim, my lossess are good, every week i have to stand b4 the pharmacist and get weighed, its kind of good because i know i got someone on my back, AND its expensive, like £48 per week, i have to force my self to be strict, or else i'm wasting my hardearned money!!!!!!

my wife has done a month of exante , she's not too overweight like me, the reason being the pharmacist didnt allow her to do it, she thought she shouldnt do it. so i got her exante

her losses were very very good, i saw no difference in her lossess and the ladies who do lipotrim in the mini's forum
oh by the way, my mum did lipotrim the same time, and her's and my wife's were the same aswell!!!!

so if i was a lady i would do exante, because i'm a bloke there is no male portion sized exante, the current exante is exaclty same size as the ladies lipotrim.
in taste people prefer exante, as you have one shake, one soup and a mighty truck sized bar!!
thanks for the info i have 1weeks supply of lipotrim in cupboard i started 2days ago and have broke it already if i can stick at it the rest of the week im going 2 try exante. i have so much 2 lose dont i be doing relly well then out of no where i have just put a bag of crisps in my mouth i find it soooo hard to do. fair play 2 all who do it 100% x
Think od switching to Exante myself, as Lipotrim is working out way to expensive, I'm trying to put money away for a move to Australia and buying LT every week in Ireland is e65 out of a very small wage of e300 a week..So i'm seriously considering the change over..just worried I'll lose the motivation of seeing the pharmacist every week..
You can always find someone you trust to do your weigh in each week, perhaps a family member or a good friend, so that you still have to actually stand on the scales -if you want that external motivation.
Or just be rigid with yourself and pick a day for your weigh -in and then be accountable to us on here. If LT is £48 a week and this is £25 a week, you're effectively paying £23 for the pharmacist to weigh you.


I'm a greedy pig
I love the lipotrim maintainance bars and soup.the problem is it is quite expensive...a bag of 5 bars[plus two free] and a soup is 23 euro. i sometimes use them as a snace or a part of my lunch and they are very filling but so so so expensive

aww well

i am so greedy
i am looking at be-yu, w8 and medifast to see what products they have. trying to see which ones are nicest

i probably can't do a vlcd as tecnically my bmi is not super high but like the idea of meal replacements for convenience and to take the hastle of judging portion size etc away and hope it would get me out of my bad food habits
good luck to you

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