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Happy to be slim at last
Oh good! I thought I might be alone on this one. I am hoping to have my packs tomorrow. I will keep you posted on how I get on also.
There is another thread about Exante around here somewhere. I did it for a couple of months and had very similar results to the Cambridge Diet and the flavours are nicer. It's more expenses though and there isn't as much variety, although I believe they have expanded their product range since I used them.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing how you get on.

Dee xx


Happy to be slim at last
Thanks Dee and thanks for bumping up the old thread.

How many packs did you have a day whilst doing Exante? Each one is just over 200 cal and more than CD or LL, so I am not sure if I will lose as fast on this if I use 4 a day? I have ordered just over a weeks worth to try and if I don't get on with it, I am considering going to LL.

You have done amazinly well on your weight loss! What an inspiration!


Happy to be slim at last
Just in case anyone is interested, I have tried quite a few of the Exante food packs and they are really good. The banana shake, toffee bar and the thai soup are my favourites so far.

I am doing the Total plan, which is 3 food packs per day. They do have a higher calorie value than LL or CD, but if you want to have 4 "meals" then you can split the packs. I am doing this with shakes and bars (as I don't like the shakes thick anyway so more water is good) and it gives me variety over the day.

I know that some people are sceptical about being able to order online and just get on with it, but I talked to them and they offer telephone support either through the office or with a counselor, so you don't have to do it alone. So for people that don't have time or don't want to go to class, this is a good option.

I am fan so far. First weigh in on Monday so fingers crossed for a good loss.
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Happy to be slim at last
I just thought I would update this for anyone that's interested in trying Exante. I have done it for a day short of 2 weeks now and I can say that the only pack I am not keen on is the vanilla shake, but all of the others are great. I haven't found it difficult at all to stick to the 3 packs a day. The bars are bigger than those of LL and CD, but don't knock you out of ketosis. I have been checking regularly with ketostix.

In week one I lost 10lbs and with a day to go of week 2, I have already lost 6lbs. I am well on my way to my target of 4 stones off by Easter. I like this plan. The products are as natural as they can be and ordering online is great.
How you getting on Sarah? I started Exante today and am having 4 meals a day. Had a vanilla shake for brekkie and a thai chicken soup for lunch and so far so good! Making sure I drink a glass of water every hour too. Its the evenings I'm worried about!


Happy to be slim at last

I am doing really well with Exante. I am on 3 packs a day and lost 10lbs the first week and 7lbs the second. But from the look of your stats, I have a lot more to lose than you.

I found the evenings tough at first, but now I am fine. I have split a shake pack and have half at 9am and half at 1pm. Then I have a soup at 5pm and my bar anywhere between 8 and 9pm. I find it's something nice to look forwards to.

I am not keen on the vanilla shake, but like all the others, all the soups and the bars, so there's plenty of variety.

The water consumption really helps to stave off hunger in the early days.

Are you doing it through a consultant or just buying online? Did they tell you if you could have milk in tea? I haven't been doing so, but am thinking about adding in around 20mls of skimmed mild for tea each day.

Good luck with Exante. I am really pleased with my results so far!
Well done on your losses! I'm not doing it through a consultant so I'm not sure about the milk. In the booklet didnt it just say you could only drink water? I don't drink tea or coffee so it doesn't affect me.


Happy to be slim at last
I have emailed them to check as I don't have the booklet for the Total Solution. I spoke with them on the phone to check it through so didn't get a booklet. She talked me through it all, but I forgot to ask about tea/coffee. Have asked for a copy of the booklet.
Sarah it wasn't a booklet for just the total solution it was just a little orange booklet on the whole different solutions but there were dos and donts and one was dont drink soft drinks but cant remember if it mentioned milk. I'll have a look when I get back home. Did they not send you one of those with your pack?


Happy to be slim at last
Thanks. I wasn't sent one of those. I have asked them to mail me one.


Happy to be slim at last
Thanks for looking for me. I thought it was just black tea etc, which is what I have been drinking. How was your first evening? I meant to tell you that I find the tomato soup a bit bland and add a srinkly of chilli powder to it and black pepper and it really livens it up.
Hi. I've not heard of Exante before. I live overseas and have just restarted VLCD. I'm currently using old Lighterlife sachets I had left over and I reckon I need another 2 1/2 months worth. Problem is that I live on a tiny island where the post only arrives once a month or sometimes less often (we have no airport and just one ship to bring in freight for the whole island), so I need to get packs in bulk quantities. I know LL won't sell me that many packs. Do any of you know if Exante would sell me that many in one go?


Happy to be slim at last
Hi, Exante sell online and you can order as much as you want. I recently ordered enough for nearly a month.

The packs are higher calorie values than LL but I split the shake ones into two servings and add more water to them than recommended and it works fine. You can see from my losses that all is ok on it. They are nice too! The bars are really good.
Thanks for that info Sarah. I'll look into Exante then - I guess they have a website? I think VLCD is perfect for me but it's so hard to find one who lets you order more than 2 weeks at a time and when the ship only arrives every 6 weeks that's no use at all. I order 12 weeks of baby milk at a time as I can't afford to run out of that!

How much does it cost a week? Also any tips on the tastiest flavours would be appreciated as it would be a shame to get a whole box of horrible ones. I live in the tropics and it's summer here right now so I tend to use ice-cold milkshake ones or bars rather than hot soups. Do they taste OK?

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