excess skin dilemma


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afternoon everyone.

i am daydreaming again and i had this idea...to start looking for an outfit for my birthday (in september) not going to buy it but im looking for inspiration as i normally just buy black leggings and a big top for any occasion so im getting excited looking at what i 'could' wear to my 30th birthday!

i was just thinking ill be at goal by then or hopefully before than so might even be less than my goal weight (10 stone) i am guessing that as im 5ft 2 ill probably be into a size 12 ish but i wont know how much excess skin i will have to try and fit into my clothes :( that made me feel sad.

i have seen alot of people's before and after pics that show no flabby arms or hanging tummys at all.......is this for real? i cant see how anyone can manage that going from a size 24 to a size 8?
does anyone know anyone that has done it?
either way i continue to live in hope that with toning it wont be too bad :)

anything is better than this!
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My sister went from a size 20 to a size 8 and has maintained for 2 years.

She used to say that her arms were the size of normal peoples thighs!(they were pretty huge :giggle:) When she hit goal, her arms had slimmed down great and there wasn't any excess skin. Her tummy was very flat, but the skin was a bit on the saggy side, but within 6 months after various moisturising body creams etc the skin re-tightened. The only thing she's not happy with is her boobs. She's says they're empty and saggy and in desperate need of a boob job. I think she looks great though and I'm hoping that I can do as well as she's done.


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I'm really hoping I dont have too much, im really hoping my arms arent going to be too bad as thats whats on show, my belly comes in 2nd as would love to wear nice underwear sets and actually look good in them lol, the rest not to bothered about, its got to look better than being a size 22!


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Wow lou your sis did amazing, how old was she if you dont mind? Im sure age has a massive thing to do with skin refirming. Im so paranoid about saggy skin and i know a lot of you will disagree but id rather be fat than have loose hanging skin, the thought of it makes me feel sick. In my head im probably imagining the skin being so much worse than it will be. I moisturise religiously and do toning exercise 5 times a week, so fingers crossed. Boobs and belly are my concern. X


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I think that a lot of it is down to age and genes.......Muffy, you're still only young so you should be ok, did you get stretch marks after your pregnancies? I would have thought that would be a good indicator as to how your skin will spring back after your weight loss. Meanwhile, keep moisturising!


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I'm a bit worried about loose skin too but like most people say - I WOULD rather be slim and in control of my eating, I figure I can always tuck my extra skin in pmsl! I'm not looking to have a bikini body just want to feel more comfortable in my own skin (pardon the pun)

I've seen people in magazines like ww etc who have lost 7st + and they do look fantastic but I've noticed a tiny bit of loose skin on their arms but I think that's because I'm really looking for it - "normal" people probably wouldn't!

Everyone is different... you are going to be stunning! Loose skin or no loose skin!



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fizzstar said:
That thought kept going through my mind! But, to make myself feel better once i've got through month one, i've promised to buy myself this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380305508134&category=15274&_trksid=p5197.c0.m619 to keep my motivated, it'll help me get fitter even if it doesnt do much! They sell for over 100notes in Argos, and for 30quid its a risk worth taking! x

Fizz.... I have one of those, and one word...


Get one lol


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pepper_pot said:
This is something i'm worried about as well, what moisturisers and toning exercises are people using?

I use nivea daily all over and a body butter once a week. Currently im at the gym 5 times a week and i do 3 sets of 50 on the leg press at 20lb weight, 5 sets of 15 on the ab cruncher at 15lb weight and
4 sets of 15 on the arm pull bars at 20lb weight. Im not sure if this is a little or a lot but its what i can manage without keeling over :) i just started by trying and seeing what i could do and have started to add to it each week as i get fitter. Ive done a lot of reading on weight loss and exercise etc and its better to do more reps on lower weights than fewer at a higher weight for toning. xxxxx


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With all your exercise I don't think you have anything to worry about, moisturizing is great, I used bio oil a few years ago after an op and the scars healed great, also fab for stretch marks. It will all be worth it! Pmsl at Paula x