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Excess Skin

hi all,

I'm sure there are many threads out there about excess skin, but I though I'd ask a few questions and see if anyone has any good solutions for me!

I have lost around 4.5 stone so far, and about 7.5 to go (eeek) but im starting to notice excess skin on my legs, I guess that I was lucky, in my largest state I was proportionate and i didnt hold all the weight in one place. whilst the rest of me seems to be shrinking in, my legs are still the biggest part of me and my inner thighs are VERY VERY saggy now... I'm not kidding, its like if they removed the saggy bit on both I think I'd lose 3 stone instantly!
Now my new years resolution is to get back to the gym and get cycling and walking alot more.. but i'm wondering, does anyone have any tips, for at home exercises I can do inbetween and also does anyone know of any really decent body firming lotions / moisturisers that have aided (im not looking for a miracle cream - just something i can do along with exercise?)

Much Love As Always
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Squats are one of the best exercises for thighs.

I'm no expert, but once the muscle is more toned, the skin will probably sit better over the top, which might help the appearance.

My legs look like melting plastacine at the moment, but I'm fairly sure it's mostly because i'm not walking anywhere near as much as I used to.

If only there was one easy exercise you could do which took one minute a day and toned the whole body effortlessly........
Hi there. I have a lot to lose & I'm terrified about excess skin. When i have looked into preventing/helping it. I have heard yoga is good to tighten muscle & skin. I fully intend to get into this new year.

I also heard vitamin E based products are also good. As is palmers cocoa butter (the hard one in a pot as opposed to the lotion)

One more tip I heard is to drink plenty of water. It's good for the skin.

Good luck & a big congrats on ur weight loss! Ur doing so well :)

thanks Cee-Cee! its a hard struggle sometimes - but i have the goal of a skinny wedding dress in my sights Lol

I think I will try cocoa Butter, alot of people reccomend it and any moisturiser is better than none, even if it has no affects on my saggy bits!

I drink loads of sugar free squash so i will try and incorporate more water, shouldnt be too hard!

Good luck on your Journey! x
Aw thank you! Ooo how exciting!! Congratulations on the wedding! Have you got long to go?

Yeh ur right, defo no harm in trying these things. They can only help :)
all booked for august 2012! soo exciting, but really want to be near my target at that point! gotta keep slogging on i guess...
.... maybe not this weekend though, it is christmas! x
Haha. O god Yeh, I think a treat at crimbo Is well in order. The trick Is to not keep having treats until summer (which has happened to me in the past lol hence my predicament).

I'm sure u will b at ur target! It sounds like you are well on your way, plus just keep thinking of your big day & ur beautiful dress & ull get there!
Merry Christmas by the way :)
I was just wondering either of you get achy legs at all as well? they are starting to ache by my knees which is strange as they didnt ache when i was bigger!

Happy Xmas to you as well Cee-Cee, only 16 minutes and its christmas eve!
It's Xmas eve!!! Whoooo lol. Only one more sleep!

I don't get achey legs so much. But my ankles like to crack now & then, but so do my elbows and it's not like they have to support a lot of weight. I think I must just b a cracker lol.

Are your legs worse at different times? There could b a pattern to it. Like weather changed, time of day (if ur tired), if you have done more exercise etc.

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