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Excess Skin??

I have about 6 stone to loose but was just wondering about excess skin? I know a few people on the threads have had tummy tucks etc but I really wouldnt fancy having to have surgery?

Anyone lost around that kind of weight? Do you have loose skin? Id be worried about my arms and tummy more so.

Logically would exercise not help to tighten your skin as you go along??

Sorry for all the questions but if anyone can shed any light?

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Hey Louise!

I have the same question actually!:)

I need to lose 7 and a half stone. I'm 22 years old.
Will I have loads of excess skin?? And if so, how much does surgery cost?!!



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It's funny cos, when I was big, it wasn't a question I asked myself. Even while losing weight, I didn't care whether I had excess skin. I was going to be SLIM.

Frankly, yes I have excess skin. I'm 43 so my skin probably isn't as elastic as it once was. BUT it's definitely better than when I first got to target. Exercising can never hurt, although I am dubious as to whether it really helps (mind you I might have had far more excess skin had I not exercised!).

Tummy tuck? Nope. Not going there. My skin only shows when naked. Only one special person sees me like that. Bikini? Yep. Have worn one several times since target. Did I care? No. Far worse sights on the beach than me with my skin! No one cared how anyone else looked.
I guess every individual feels differently about there own body. I am 110% focused on my weight loss however but I won't lie and say that the excess skin won't bother me....coz I know it will!
I wish I could be like you and honestly not care what people think but I'm just not made like that!
Does any1 know of any way on how to decrease chances of excess skin?
I am worried about this too but I think with a big weightloss some amount of loose skin is inevitable unless perhaps it's lost very slowly at 1lb a week. In saying that there's probably some lucky people who have minimal to no loose skin. I'm moisturizing every day with Bio Oil, a few drops mixed into Palmers Cocoa Butter, at least if my skin sags it'll be nice and soft lol.:D
I recently lost nearly 5 stones, I have been left with a few stretch marks but no loose skin.

I am putting this down to the fact that I put the weight on over a period of 10 years - not sure if this is the case or not !
I lost 102 lbs (7st 4 lbs) and immediately after I had some loose skin around my stomach, back of arms, and neck .... but luckily it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

Now, 18 months later, there is none at all - just some stretch marks at the tops of my legs. All I have done is exercise and continue with the water intake. It just seemed to shrink back over time.

Maybe I was just lucky ......

It seems to revolve around a couple of factors - how elastic your skin is (and the younger you are, the more likely it is to be elastic) and how much weight you've got to lose (the less, the better).

I think firming moisturisers must help a bit (maybe I'm just kidding myself!) and on How to Look Good Naked they recommended a Palmers Cocoa Butter version for pregnancy or significant weight loss - I use this and it smells delicious (the fact that I haven't eaten my own chocolatey arm is a testament to my willpower!!) and I've also seen the Nivea Q10 recommended in magazines. They're not too expensive either and I think it's not necessarily going to be that much better if you bought a very expensive brand.

Also, I've heard that it can take skin a bit longer to recover - so it can take a year for skin to shrink back as much as it has the potential to.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed.....
Im 33, have been overweight for 20 yrs, but mainly in my adult life. I also had a 9lb 1oz baby by c section, and I have a problem with loose skin, its mainly my tummy and inner thighs.

You cant tell with clothes on, and whilst I get annoyed sometimes, I try to accept the fact that it aint getting any better, and all it is is loose skin. Its a reminder of where Ive been. and what Ive done to lose the weight, and in a silly way, Im proud of it.
I have lost 6 stone since March and am 48 years old so the old skin would be a bit wrinkley anyway I suspect, but I do have an issue with it, more so than I thought I would. I used to think I didnt care if I could just lose the weight and dont get me wrong I woudnt have the fat back , but I am hoping there will be an improvement in time. I have a bit of lose skin on my inner thighs inner arms and my belly is a bit like those sharpei dogs but its honestly not bad enough to need surgery and has a previous poster has said it dosent show when you have clothes on. The only thing is the skin on my upper arms as they are on show does make me a bit self conscious , but not as self conscious as I felt at size 22 to 24 , probaly no one else notices , they just see a size 14 5 foot 8 slim woman and thats just dandy !
Dont worry about the skin, just lose the weight its a wonderfull feeling.

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I have lost 5 and half stone & have a little loose skin around my tummy area, i'm one of those mad people who is gonna take the plunge & have a tummy tuck. All my family & my CDC tell me that i haven't got much loose skin so i shouldn't worry about it but it does bother me, it bothers me more than i thought it would so it'll be chopped off next year!.....xxx
Vigourous massage

Hi everyone, I'm new here so just finding my way around. A couple of months ago I tried massage as a weight loss tool. I didn't lose too much weight (about 12lbs) but I did feel my skin getting much, much tighter. I plan to start CD next week and have decided to go for a weight loss massage once a week to help with the skin tightening issue. It's hellish painful and leaves you with horrendous bruising, but if I get to feel 'normal' for the first time in years, I reckon it's worth it!
I live in China where alternative remedies, especially massage is used for most 'problems'. The masseuse grabs handfuls of fat, squeezes until the fatty balls inside pop and then grabs some more. There is also a lot of what I can only describe as 'dough-making' very vigourous rubbing, kneading and folding! Hence the horrendous bruising! Sam, I've read many of your posts and am so excited to have found this site. All of you guys have given me so much hope!:)
Hi I am new to this too, I have been on CD for 5 days and I am excited about losing weight so quickly but like some of you I do worry about the loose skin.
I am not sure I like the feeling of being used as a bit of dough to get rid of it tho lol
but if it works they I wont knock it
I lost 6 1/2 stones
I am 46
I had a tummy tuck aug 6th
and then a op on my back on aug 28th
I am so happy I have a flat tum for the first time in my life. My Dr took 6 pounds of skin from my back I have a very small waist.
I am planning to do my legs and arms next.
You have to do what right for you to feel good about yourself. For me I am so happy with my body now. and I really fell like I did the work to lose the weight in the first place and my Dr made my shape better.I feel so good about myself I will keep this body for the rest of my life.
thats good 10stonesize10 you have to do as you say what is right for you.
I am interested in your surgery..........
How did you go about having it done and how do you know that you have the right doctor doing it.
You hear so many stories about people having surgery and it going wrong.
I dont want to have surgery but I will if I have to.

So please you are happy with the new you.
Well done for achieving your goal

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