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Excited to be changing my life.


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I had a rough upbringing and early adulthood. I left school aged 13, had no qualifications. By 17 I lived in a scruffy bedsit and was on jobs seekers, at 19 I was a single parent in a 2-bed council house that I couldn't afford to decorate or carpet. I racked up debt like you wouldn't believe. I was overweight, covered in psoriasis, had goofy teeth and smoked heavily.

I am now 27! I am the assistant manager in a care home, I am married with three children, I rent a beautiful house and can drive. I'm studying an access to HE course so that I can study nursing at university.
Physically: I am still very overweight, my psoriasis is almost gone, I haven't smoked in 17 days and I re-joined slimming world 4 days ago. I am also visiting the dentist in a few weeks for a consultation for braces. This time next year I am to have nice teeth, clear skin, a place at university - *but most importantly*: be at a healthy weight.

I am currently 19st 10lbs as of Tuesday 4th July at 7:30pm. My cousin and I weren't going to join until Tuesday 11th as we had a birthday coming up and was due to go to the toby carvery all you can eat in the AM and eat cake in the PM! However, there was a coupon in Bella magazine for free membership at SW, so we figured we may as well join early. Still enjoy Wednesday as planned and be on it.

So.. On Wednesday I had around 80 syns. I do kind of wish I hadn't, as I wouldn't have had a better loss this coming Tuesday if I didn't, however I enjoyed it and I mostly don't care!

Thursday was an SP day.
For breakfast I had a bacon sandwich on brown (HeB), no butter and no sauce (was smoked bacon so I didn't mind), followed by 2 satsumas.
For lunch I had a vegetable stirfry
For dinner I had a tuna steak with a few baked beans, brocolli, carrot and green beans.
Snacks: 3x babybel light (HeA) and an apple.
I went to bingo and stuck to 2x single whiskeys and half a bag of quavers. Other syns were from coffee. Total syns for the day: 12.5.

Friday was an SP day.
I had a SW breakfast of an egg, toast (HeB), 2x rashers of bacon, loads of tomatoes and mushrooms.
For lunch I had a chicken salad. 1.5 syns for the dressing.
For dinner I had SW chilli with cauliflower rice.
Snacks were: a regular latte, coffee and butter. Total syns for the day: 11.

Today. I intended today to be an SP day, but when I went to Iceland to grab something for lunch I got the SW potato salad, which isn't SP, so decided to have a normal day.
For breakfast I made my own version of eggs benedict. 2x small brown slices, a sauce made of quark, garlic powder, mustard and pepper. On top of the sauce was a half slice of ham on each and a poached egg. I had plenty of tomatoes with it.
For lunch I had the SW potato salad from iceland
For dinner I had SW carbonara. Pasta, chicken, mushroom, egg yolk, garlic and quark. Topped with cheese (HeA). I had a salad on the side.
Snacks (I've had quite a few today actually): watermelon, 1 banana, mullerlight, 3x pink and white marshmallow wafers. Syn total for today: 15.
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Just popping by to subscribe and wish you luck.
I agree with what's been said - you should feel proud of yourself for the amazing changes you've already made :)


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Thank you so much for your kind replies. ❤ good luck with your journeys too. Xxx


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Today I have eaten:

Egg, mushroom, toast and tomato for breakfast.

Lunch was a portion of SW chilli I had left over. Followed by fruit and yoghurt.

Dinner was chicken tikka using the Iceland sauce - was really very nice! I threw peppers and mushroom in there and had it with rice and 1/2 a tortilla wrap (no pitta, naan, etc. In), followed by sw Eton mess - meringue, mixed berries and a mullerlight yoghurt.

I've had 14.5 syns today. That's been coffee, meringue, tortilla and a pink and white wafer.

I'm working 12 hours tomorrow so I'm taking overnight oats, a sw ready meal and will have salad for lunch.

2 sleeps until weigh in :)


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I had a very good day on Monday. Yesterday I had a slice of cherry pie and cream after weigh in so did go over my syns! But I lost 6.5lbs! So happy. My friends lost 5lbs and 6.5lbs so we're all hoping for our half a stone award next week. :)

Today I've eaten:
Yoghurt and melon for breakfast
4x ryvita with cottage cheese and some more melon and a plum for lunch
Salmon and salad for dinner... However, I did have a slice of home made bread with block butter and home made mayo... I've 12 syns left so guessing I might've gone over, so I'm not going to have any more for today.


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Yesterday I had a late breakfast - Morrisons low fat sausages (1 syn each), bacon, toast and tinned tomatoes. For tea I did the pizza topped chicken with a small jacket and salad - it was SO good. My eldest and husband loved it but the girls didn't so may need to make them something slightly different next time.

Today I've had fruit for breakfast. We went to Morrison's cafe for lunch and I got the tuna crunch jacket potato with salad. I can't find a reliable syn count for it, but everything was free barring the mayo, which was Heinz light, so I'm counting 6 syns. Surely there's no more than 3tbsp in there, probably less.

4 sleeps until weigh in! Hella excited. I have also not smoked for 23 days and have booked myself into the dentist today for a check-up so that I can have a brace consultation soon. Excited :D


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Thanks very much ! <3 :)


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Today I've eaten:

Honey nut cornflakes (8 syns) with HeA for the milk and coffees throughout the day.
Lunch was omelette with onion, mushroom, bacon and 1.5 sausages (5 syns)
for dinner I had a jacket potato with tuna mayo, cucumber, red onion and gherkins.

I've also increased my activity. I want to start couch to 5k soon but I know I'm nowhere near ready yet. I've been walking instead. On Friday I did 30 min, Saturday I did 90 min and today I've done 60. I've a 12 hour shift tomorrow so that'll burn some cals! Only two more sleeps until weigh in. :D


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Second weigh in today and I'm -3.5lbs! I got my half a stone award. Very happy. I'm having a cheat meal tonight (chicken burger and cheesy chips!) I'm not going to have one every week, but after I get a certificate I will. I know that's probably not good as it can be seen as using food as a reward and that's an unhealthy attitude to have, but it gets me through! I really wanted to cheat on two occasions this week and I told myself that if I stuck to it and got my award then I could order a takeaway. Straight back on it tomorrow.

Also - tomorrow is 4 weeks cigarette free! :D


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Thanks so much! :) Super happy right now. Xx


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I've cheated for the first time this week! I had a slice of chocolate cake. I've done well apart from that though. -1lbs this week. I'm a little disappointed as I thought I'd lost more, but I'm in the next bracket now and 3lbs away from my stone award :)

.... I did have a takeaway after weigh in last week too actually.

But hey ho. I'm gonna write everything down this week and not cheat!!!