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exciting news


Here we go again!
Not heard that one. If they're as bad as the others I wont be bothering. Will give it a try just to see though. Good to have a bit more variety if that's what they're doing.
Aww I shall ask for that to try 2mora.
I'm of the same thought as you MiniB.....don't want to even try one....Until I'm on re-feed, I dont want to risk chewing anything just in case it sets me off........


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almond flavour????? where did you hear this?


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almond cardboard

i found out from my pharmacist in mallow co cork ireland but now she is on holiday for three weeks and says hopefully they will arrive before she gets back but the funny thing is she is tiny and pregnant and keeps going on about the flapjacks smelling divine! but she is pregnant i suppose its her hormones, she blames the fact that she cant try them as she is pregnant great excuse hey, clever minx!:8855::8855::8855::8855::8855::8855::8855::kissass::kissass:


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Ooooo that sounds nice! Mind you I don't mind the f/js at all so would welcome a new flavour. x
Think I will skip that one, it can only be as vile as the other 2. I couldn't even tell the difference between peanut and coconut so almond won't taste any diffreent to me lol


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Oh yuck why must the keep inflicting yucky flapjacks on people ha ha ha ha they should bring out banana shake!!
Oh yuck why must the keep inflicting yucky flapjacks on people ha ha ha ha they should bring out banana shake!!

Now that I would try lol mmmm banana shake!!!
oooh stop stop you are making me want to try them lol
An almond flapjack CAN'T be any worse than the chipboard - sorry, coconut - one!!! :sick:
dont know why but iam not that excited about that new flapjack now if you said it was covered in chocolate and frangypan and cherrys then i might get a little bit excited but come to think about it propley not they need to rename them make you sick in 1 second bars not flapjack thats trade description


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a girl who i no who is on lipotrim sed that her pharmacy does choclate truffel bars now but ive never heard anythin about that at my place
any one else heard that? i might check with wher she is cos it sounds 2 good 2 be true


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i had a look on the pharmacey web site of the place that she goes 2 and they do another form of meal replacement so i hope they aint givin her them as lipotrim cos that would be a bit naughty
im gona go to that pharmacey any way and ask them why they offer flavours no wher else does and see what they sey ill post what they tell me on heer


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its cos of her i went to my place and started lipo trim othe wise i wouldnt of known about it so i hope she isnt bein dun over
but ill find out
i find it wierd tho cos thers no mention of any new flavours on the lipotrim website an i woulda thort they wud be shoutin about it reely


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they are probably giving her the maintainence bars :S

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