Exercise and slimming world

So I joined slimming world 5-6 weeks ago. I was doing little extra walks and making sure I’d done nearly 8 thousand steps a day. This week I’ve barley done 4 thousand every day with it been freezing and raining most days (with two little ones in tow it’s hard to go out in that weather) what are my chances of a loss? Surly they shouldn’t be any difference this week and maybe even a gain? Weigh in is tomorrow and I am dreading it and wondering if I should bother going!
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Hi, Exercise is primarily to help fitness and body conditioning, and also releases endorphins to boost your overall mood. You would have to run the London Marathon to burn just 2600kcal (average). You can also sometimes be heavier if fluids aren't sufficiently replenished, as you can retain water more after exercise. (so it's important to put good things back into your body post exercise).

Don't beat yourself up, or be worried if you have missed out on a fitness class. I have had lots cancelled on me over the last few weeks, as they can't get the numbers up. I have just done a bit at home to keep myself fit and in shape x