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Exercise before and after ~ we can enjoy it honest

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Hi I've read on here many times how people 'hate' exercise.

I Used to pre 1.3.10 when I totally changed my life style.

Last year I did 0 exercise I had in the past bit it wasn't the right sort,by this Iean I hadn't found what I enjoyed . I read that we need to find some that we like to stick to a routeen.

Then I discovered Zumba :)

I did ww for 4 weeks then got a second hand treadmill and fir 3 months I did it 5 days a week after 4 weeks if that I added wii just dance. This was to help me lose weight and get a fitness level. I started off at 17st 4lbs a size 24 and aged 40 bmi 44.3 so I was very very unfit, I last year could only do 10 mins on treadmill at 2.5mph yesterday I did 6mph and no out of breath as a warm up.
I now go to 4-5 Zumba classes a week 1 gym programme and do alot of walking. I weigh 13st 11.5lbs and a size 16.

What I'm trying to say us we can change our life styles, I live alone with 3 children and go to college so I'm very busy
If you like me have yoyoed try changing your mind to seeing healthy food and exercise as a new life.

If I csn do it most people can just find that exercise you love xx
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Great post! I can't believe the amount of exercise you do it's fab, well done you!
Also what is Zumba?

I am not a exercise lover, but I do push myself to do something daily. At the moment I only manage 10 minutes on the x-trainer or exercise bike but I stop because I had a caesarean 8 weeks ago and my scar starts to tingle after 10 minutes rather than I am puffed out so I know the more I heal the longer I will able to go.
I always groan when I start but come off feeling great!
I was reading the '30 day shred' thread also and was contemplating buying the DVD.
Hi I hope it didn't sound like do as I do etc it was meant to say even though you hate exercise now you can love it just find the right one.
Zumba is a form of latin aerobic dance exercise done in intervals one after another for an hour, I know this time I'm in a dress size smaller bit weigh a stone heavier than usual.

I also see
may grow bored with my exercise or can't go so much but for now I am enjoying it and in 6 months it's helped lose 3.5 stones and go from size 24 to size 16 and mentally it's helped me get a life lol

well done you for starting an exercise routeen especially with a lil one, I had 3 csections so know how hard it is after , I'd say your doing the right thing slowly but regulary and I hope you get to goal asap xx
That is fantastic size102b. Really pleased for you. I ahve always loved exercise and ofen used to do 10k runs. I find now it is impossible. Me excuse as a single Mum is that I just cannot get out to the classes or gym. That's why I',m interested to know how you do it on your own. I do have a wii which I use, and get to the gym or jog when I can, but would love to hear how you get out to do it as a single Mum. Hope I'm not being too nosey!
I have a very very low attention span when it comes to exercise, but I agree with Cherry, its worth keeping trying things til you find something that you enjoy!

I now go Line dancing once a week, aim for the gym [well, Curves 30 minute circuit training] three times a week, but am currently managing twice with work commitments, and I go a walk with the fella once a month - Like a hill walk, or round a loch, a good proper walk. In the summer I was walking the dogs but now it's darker nights, I need a reflective jacket or something to stay safe on the country roads I live by. I'm getting one this weekend.

I am going to try a spinning class, and zumba when I feel a wee bit fitter. Currently a bit tuckered out with these, to be honest!

Don't give up. I love that post-exercise glowy feeling!!!! :D

Edit - I can't believe I completely forgot about my Wii........ BEST INVENTION EVER! Love the dancing games, can easily while away an hour without realising it!
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Mums I live alone with my girls but have a OH but I go to am classes too when kids at school, OH has 2 youngest as I'm gone 1 1/2 hours so it's not so bad, also my eldest is 15 so it's easier as they aren't all little. It is hard though as I have to be really organised as kids go to his after I've cooked and cleaned up got ready and then walked to zumba, Tues I go to zumba 10-11 then gym 11.30 to 1230 as it's in the same place. I don't have anyone to help me except OH so try do exercise when girls are St school that's why I got a treadmill to exercise at home so I can be here with them.
Auburn I think your doing fantastic , I love wii just dance that's how I built my fitness level up to a better level nut I'm not fit I did 1000metres on the rowing machine at the gym as I told the trainer I do 4--5 zumba classes he must of thought I was fit haha I did it it tool 6.33 minutes but my legs are hurting today 2 days later.
I built my exercise up from once a week to what I do now but I sometes have to kick myself up the harasse to go lol
Here's to a slimmer Christmas hey ;) xx
i totally agree with u hun!! i have never been a fitness freak but i am really enjoying being back at the gym :) i do a 80 min work out followed by 30 min swim between 3-5 times a week and i love it! tho it has made me STS and even a 1lb gain this week....i can def see the difference in my shape and fitness. i can even fit in trousers that i couldnt even do up a few weeks back so something is def working!! exercise and drinking lots of water is def the key for my weight loss!! and its doing wonders for u too, u work so hard u stick to it and u get results!! keep it up girl cos u know u can do it and i cant wait to see u reach your goal!!! xxxx

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