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Exercise or not?

G: 10st0lb
Hey there everyone

I was wondering should I now start to exercise or wait until I have hit a plateau and then start?

So far I've lost 20lb in 10 weeks and am chuffed to bits and have done this with no exercise. Simply because I have a 4 and 1 Year old and find that as soon as they are in bed I am ready for bed too :)

However I'm starting to worry about excess skin etc as I have a long way to go to my target. I've bought myself a couple of Rosemary Connelly DVD's but as yet they havent been turned on. Was a great walker pre babies but with the 2 it is no longer practical unless OH is with me, which is rarely the case.

What do you guys think?
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I say any time is good for exercise, even walking the kids to the park or popping up the shops can help. If you're not sitting down you're exercising so keep yourself busy when you are in the house and if you do find time to have a go at your dvds then grab that chance. I'm not a mother so I can't relate to your time being taken up by your dear children but most of us are in the same boat with lack of free time. If you need ideas for exercise just have a look at the team challenges and different topics and you'll find plenty of lil tips.

I've found reading a few other diet diaries has even motivated me more!
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i think if u r still losing don't worry so much. if u want to do it great but if its a chore and/or u r already to tired hun don't force yourself. looking after children esp toddlers (i have a toddler) is exercise enough.
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I think walking is great especially with the kids in tow go walking somewhere where they can run around be safe ie the local woods or park.
I don't do heaps of exercise ,just the odd dvd and wii fit ,but I love to walk now ,everywhere is walking distance if you have the time :)


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i think if your weight loss isnt slowing down then u dont need to do any, unless u want to lose even more or just want to be a bit active!

exercise is never bad! x


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I don't think you should look at exercise purely as a means to an end (help losing weight) but as an exceptional health benefit in it's own right.

Exercise reduces so many health risks in current and later life, increases energy and reduces tiredness- it is an added bonus that it burns calories too. It is vital to a healthy lifestyle that we add in regular exercise- not just a temporary effort until we reach target. Try exercise that you enjoy and get the kids involved. Swimming, frisbee, badminton, or even just putting some music on and dancing around the living room- it is all exercise.

Just an added note- exercise will not help with loose skin. Exercise helps the muscle underneath the skin, but the skin itself is seperate. Over time loose skin should hopefully reduce a bit by itself

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Ive just started to do my Exercise video just did it two times last week and going to do it today too,I have a 4 year old and 3 year old and the only time I can really do it is when My son is at school and my Daughter at playschool (which is two mornings a week) Im the same as you soon as they are in bed it bed time for me!! or I just flop on the sofa! Im going to try and keep it up though every tue,wed and hopfully sunday eve if I can get spare time! x x x


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i personally think it's very important to exercise. when you're dieting you lose muscle as well as fat and that isn't good. exercise often to ensure you build muscle and do aerobic activity to burn calories.


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I was so wanting to join the gym last week as i'm itching to get started but I have hurt my shoulder and have been told to wait a couple of weeks.

In the meantime I am resuming my walks as weightloss seems to have slowed down a little since I stopped a few weeks ago :eek: so 4miles x 3 a week is called for for me, but my kids are no longer little.

Can you not put a kids song and dance video on and exercise with the little ones, dancing round the room etc they will love it and you will get in some exercise at the same time :D
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I think it's important to do some form of exercise.

I try & walk for 1/2 hour during my lunch hour at work. Or if that isn't possible, I go for a walk in the evening, OH works shifts so I'll go when he's gone to bed. To help with the walking I listen to a book on my ipod.

I've just started parking at the park & ride when I go shopping & walking to town from there.

Not all these are possible with your children but may be possible if you have some time on your own.:)


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Exercising now might help you avoid any plateau. I started walking after 3 stone and never had a plateau after, even close to target. I wish I'd started sooner.

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