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faye cheshire

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I am not really doing well up to now but have lost 5lbs in 3 weeks. Up to yesterday when I did a spin class that was sooo hard but very good I have not exercised for about 2 months which is probably why I haven't lost a lot.

:eek: I have now put something in my diary for every day ...to make sure I do it ...here it is ...but it may alter slighty

Monday......gym 1hour
Tuesday.....walk approx. 1 hour 15 mins
Wednesday.swim 1hour
Thursday....Walk or do exercise video
Friday........Spin 45 mins
Saturday....Spin 45 mins
Sunday......Cycle /Walk 90 mins

That's 7 hours and will be my minimum will also get on the wii fit and maybe do exercise video etc as well

Would love to hear everyone elses exercise plans.....bet you are all doing more than me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faye C:jelous:
You're doing loads!! Don't think there will be too many people beating that! :)

For me it's as follows:

Sun - 30 Day Shred 20 mins
Mon - Zumba 1hr
Tue - 30 Day Shred 20 mins + Gym 30 mins
Wed - Gym 30 mins
Thur - 30 Day Shred 20 mins + Pilates 1hr
Fri - Gym 45 mins
Sat - Run 30 mins

Although admittedly yesterday I had a day off as was feeling a bit under the weather :)
Not as much as you lot but here's mine

Mon - none lol ( although work 12 hr shift on feet so no time and knackered)
tue - spin
wed - body combat
thur- spin followed by yoga
fri - none
sat - usually none, sometimes a DVD
sun - 5k jog
I don't exercise every day as such, not a set activity anyway. I run around after my 14 month old which keeps me pretty active at home or when we're at the park or in the garden. I am going to try the Insanity Workout which should be interesting but I am keen to see how just the body can be used for a workout, no equipment and to see the changes it brings to my weight losses. The Insanity Workout is every day I think so that will be my plan for the next however long the programme is; my friend is on day 33 so it's at least a month.
I try & do 1/2 hour brisk walking on the treadmill every day, though struggled this last week after joing SW as food prep takes most of my daughters nap time otherwise I don't get time to eat! I was also doing 45 min aqua zumba & 30 min aqua fit - must get back to those!
you would be surprised how many people do exercise everuy day. I am in awe of them they are so fit.

Did one hour in gym today and am going to walk my little dog for about 45 mins later.

I actually don't feel as hungry as usual so will have to try to keep it up. Busy day at work tomorrow so walk with my daughter and the dogs tomorrow night. Supposed to be a power walk but we get chatting as we go and it becomes a stroll !!!!!!!!!!
If you look at mine again a lot of days is just walking which I do anyway. You are doing a lot becky let me know how it goes
If you look at mine again a lot of days is just walking which I do anyway. You are doing a lot becky let me know how it goes

I have been following this plan for a couple of months now and find it fits in with life very easily. The difference it has made to my shape is really showing and I will definitely keep this up, although may change some of the exercise for different classes as time goes on, loving what I do at the moment but don't want my body to get used to doing certain things. X x
Wow! That's great. I do one of jillian Michaels routines about 3 times a week or 4 if I manage. It has made a huge difference to my shape and my losses
Mine's not set in stone - depends on how much work I've got (I work from home, and do always try and do something each evening. I'm 'lucky' to have a running machine in my kitchen so I always have that option!)

Last week was:

Monday: 30 mins swim followed by 1 hour aqua aerobics
Tuesday: Couch to 5k run (week 6, 25 mins running with 5 mins walking either side); 20 mins exercise bike
Weds: 30-day shred
Thurs: 30-day shred, 1 hour aqua aerobics followed by 20 mins swim.
Friday: 30-day shred, 20 mins on running machine
Saturday: day off,
Sunday: Race for Life (fast walking pace, 5k)

I'm also trying to fit in the Bingo Wings challenge, but that often slips, especially when I'm having a busy work week and can't find time to fit it in every day.
just did a dog walk for an hour yesterday with my daughter so that was like a rest day. gonna walk today and then a swim tonight.

Now I know what the 30 day shred is I may get it but have got a few other good exercise dvds and may blow the dust off my wii. some of the stuff on there is fun like hula hooping and snow balling.