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Exercise - What's best?


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The past 2 weeks I've been doing 4 runs a week. The runs are are about a mile long and I'm becoming more adapted to them as I run. When I started I was stopping 5 times because of fatigue, now I'm down to 3. A trick I picked up from my brother, a sports coach, was to make a bin bag jacket and wear it under your t-shirt.

Since doing so I've had some great results. The runs are much harder but in 3 weeks I've shifted over 16lbs.

Does anyone else have any good exercise tips?
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That's a great tip! I want to start running but I keep putting it off! I'll be sure to do that when I finally start. Was it mainly just the running that has helped you to loose weight? Do you have much to go? Keep up the good work! :eek:)


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Sorry if I sound a little thick here but what is the purpose of the 'bin bag jacket?' How does it speed up the weight loss?

16lbs in 3 weeks is awesome! It almost makes me want to start running!

I hate running... it hurts. One problem about being a big busted woman. :rolleyes:


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I makes you sweat more making your body burn fat faster. I have mates who who box and they use this technique to shed up to 16lbs in 2weeks, although they are already athletically built! :O My only tip to running is to start off slow but aim to beat your time each time. Even if you map a route out on Google maps for a mile. aim to do it in in 30 minutes. Then for example if you do it in 28, go for 27. If you have an iPhone\Ipod touch there are apps like Nike +GPS and Nike+iPod these track your run and motivate you to achieve goals that can be set. I like the integration with Facebook, it tells your friends how you are doing on your run and they can send cheers in return. Thank you for the compliments :). If you really want to push yourself, aim to run a race for life and collect sponsors using sites like justgiving.com. Hope this helps you :D


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Ah I did think that it must be something to do with sweat. Do you not find that with the weather the way it is, it puts you off wanting to go out in it? Lol ;) maybe that's just me!

I think because I have always had trouble running before, I get a little scared by it. :-/


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Pinkemi. You should start on a walk, working towards a power walk then work up to a run. I've lost 7stone before but have recently put it back on, but using this technique I worked myself up to the standard of running the Mersey 10k in 1hr 14mins and trust me, there was a point where I hated running. cinderzxxx the apedexin are great, although they can give you an upset stomach every now and then, especially through the early stages of taking them. I've found that drinking plenty of water helps this though x


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Wow 7 stone. That is amazing, I can't imagine doing something like that.

I actually purchased a push bike at the weekend. :) my previous one got stolen a couple of years ago and I haven't been bothered to replace it. But I decided that this was a good way to get back into exercise! The nights that I'm not at the gym then i can go for a bike ride. :)
Bikes are good as well. I lost 7 stone but have put most o it back on again, temptation of a lazy lifestyle is too much for me, haha :p.

You can achieve any weight loss as long as you want it that much :)
Well... its more the fact that you actually lost that amount... shows you can do it again. :)

I need to get myself back into that 'frame of mind' before I see any good weight loss!

I'm not really a morning person... and I have been trying really hard to get my butt out of bed so I can do a bike ride. I decided this on Monday.... and I haven't done one yet. :eek: Woops.
I hate/cant get up in the mornings but have to tomorrow as I've signed up to an early Morning bootcamp 3 times a week for a month! It promises good results and weight loss. Have not been able to move my arms today tho as weds sesh was upper body lol. Hope u guys are all doing well. I'm determined now to shape up so watch this space to see if bootcamp is any good :eek:)
I joined the gym and found out that they have a cycling group that rides round the local area so I joined that as well. Within 3 weeks I an already doing ten mile rides and the calories you burn are fab.

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Sorry to but in but any chance you can tell me where you get your Apidexin from?? I hear its supposed to be quite good?? Thanks Bekki


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do you interval train when you run too? this burns more and increases your stamina :)

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