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Attack Exercise

Hi All,

We are supposed to do a 20 minute walk every day...

My question is, does this 20 minutes have to be all in one go... as it is killing me.

I have not gone out as I do not like to go out on my own, so I have an Exercise machine at home which stimulates climbing stairs.

All though i would imagine a 20 minute walk outside would be easier...

I managed a whole 5 minutes before I practically fell off, so i was thinking that if i did 4, 5 minute sessions that, that would be ok?


K xx
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Hello! Welcome to Dukan!! :)
I Think the stair climber is perhaps too intense for you right now on the attack phase. Are you new to exercise? I would really try walking for starters, is there anyone who could support you and be a "buddy walker" with you? Do you have a garden/outside area, maybe that could be an option. Failing that, you could try walking around your house/flat (including stairs) for 20mins. Or what about a fitness DVD - find one to match your fitness level and then you don't need to go out or find a buddy ;)
Good luck and stick with it x
I meant to add that I believe it is important to keep your exercise in one session rather than 4 small ones - its better for your metabolism, heart rate and long term fitness.
i walk the dog daily... do you get the bus to college ? you could get off a stop earlier and walk the rest
Or if u drive try parking a little further away from your house / uni, thats what I've started doing when I drop my son at nursery I park down the downthe road from my house so I have to walk home and then back to the car, it helps to have a purpose for walking I hate just walking aimlessly
I would use that machine for 5 minutes at this stage and try to walk for 10 minutes. Just go out and walk 5 minutes and head back. You might start enjoying it, you never know:)

Apart from walking the dogs, I don't exercise, but I walk them 3 times a day at least 15 minutes each. We are not very fast, stop to sniff, lie down on the grass, refuse to move , you get the picture, but still it is something. I will try to walk them longer every week from now on.. To be honest I don't have much energy to do anything extra..
Is there a neighbor walking his/her dog? You could join them, they might like the company. I have a neighbor who walks with us in the evenings, knowing we are going every day is keeping him on track I guess.
there is a dvd 'walk away the pounds', maybe you can have a look at that too by the way.
Good luck!

We are not a friendly neighbourhood, and my dog is about 17 years old and only likes to sleep and bark these days, so no go to the walking of poochy! no neighbours have pets or anything like that.

I have managed to drag OH out for a walk, which should take about an hour or so, so doing that today, and for the rest of the week i am sure i will figure something out...

Thanks anyway :)

K xx
I'm just taking a break for a cup of tea from my exercise for today.

I've been blitzing the house with the cleaner and duster. Energetic hoovering, up and down to vacuum the skirting boards, corners, dado rails, ceiling corners, moving the furniture to clean under & behind, carrying around the steps to do the tops of pictures, up the stairs.

I decided a cup of tea was in order because I'm cream-crackered. Then I realised how much easier it was since last time I did a "proper" clean rather than a lick. :)

You could amaze your mum, Katy. Get out that vacuum cleaner and give yourself a whole-body workout. :D
Hehe Dub,

i suppose i can but i would only get shot down if i moved anything or cleared something away, as my parents are clutter bugs...

I did a lovely 2 hour walk today with the OH, I am thinking in venturing out tomorrow, whilst all the kids are at school and people at work and do the same walk, head held high and all that, as i cant stay cooped up.

I need to battle the fear of going out alone, as someone will nto all ways be there for me. So tomorrows the day of Speacialk venturing out for a walk on my own, with my Ipod and a poncho, just incase it rains :)

thankies everyone :)

K xx
I did it, I managed ot get out and do a full hour or so walk all on my own, all though i was convinced there was a mass murderer walking behind me all the time, tell you what it makes you hurry up!!! even though i only saw 4 people in the entire hour... so off i walked listening to the Ipod, and some Take That... yummy :D and before i knew it i was dancing as well as walking (lets just hope i dont end up on youve been framed and a mad woman let loose)

hehe, so all is well, off out again tomorrow, but not for a long slog walk like todays. Abit more of a stroll than a slog out so another hour for me tomorrow

K xx
SpecialK if you like dancing/music I totally recommend getting a Zumba DVD for doing at home! You don't have to do the full video either, break it down into smaller sessions, Zumba is THE BEST for burning calories per hour and is fun and I've found it great for core muscles and tummy trimming AND butt firming!!! What's not to like about that?! ;) x
Ha! No way, shake that booty in front of your man!!!! ;) x

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