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Extra Easy Exercise

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Monster Muncher, 5 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Hi all,

    I've been doing SW for a few weeks now and I like it, however there's one thing that really irks me and it's making me want to go back to WW .... exercise.

    I loved that fact that on WW if you knew you had a stag do, birthday party or BBQ etc you could do loads of exercise and subsequently enjoy yourself guilt free.

    I know that's what syns are there for on SW but it's not quite the same. Despite my weight (19st) I do do a lot of exercise - did a 10 mile hike in the dales last weekend, cycle 6 miles each way to work quite a lot and also run, but with SW, I feel as though I am restricted.

    Any thoughts? :)
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  3. moolumps

    moolumps Full Member

    I think although exercise is not strictly part of the plan on SW and you don't earn extra syns from it as with WW, surely any exercise you are doing alongside can only improve your losses. Even if what is motivating you to do it is to allow for a night off, meal out or whatever, if it works for you then carry on.
    I don't know how WW points are worked out, could you work out how points equate to syns maybe and work out how much exercise you need to do to balance it out?
  4. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    In all honesty I don't think you're giving the plan a fair trial. That's what flexisynning is all about so you stick to an agreed amount of syns for the night and move on the next day. You may not lose that week but then again you just might with all the exercise you are doing.

    The other thing you could do is have your syns over a week instead of each day, which I know is something SW don't endorse, but you could just have 5 syns a day and 'bank' the rest for a weekend treat. It's a case of trial and error to see if it works for you. I used to do it on WW and I do it on SW and it works just fine.

    Finally, and quite importantly is the fact you are male. You have a higher muscle mass and so you burn calories much quicker than a female and from the males I've seen on here who follow the plan correctly the weight just drops off of them. The fact that you are exercising and enjoying it is a bonus and it means that you are probably going to get to target so much quicker. So why don't you give it a chance, say one month and see what happens? But whichever you decide to follow I wish you the best of luck on your journey :D
  5. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate it.

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