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Exmoor Emperor

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This magnificent creature was killed today. His only crime was to have those magnificent antlers. He was shot by trophy hunters.

Giant red stag Exmoor Emperor shot dead | UK news | guardian.co.uk

I was in tears when I saw this on the news earlier today.

What on earth is man thinking of to be able to destroy something as wonderful as this beautiful creature just to own his antlers.

I am baffled and sad.
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Yes i heard about this today, i heard it on the local tv news channel.

why oh why is this allowed to happen?

It also made me cry to think that this beautiful gentle animal had been shot, and i could not get it out of my head, i hope he had a quick death but that is not always so!

words fail me, it just breaks my heart and seeing the photo of him made it worse.

i sometimes wonder what kind of world we live in, that people feel the need to kill innocent animals for sport

today is a sad day!

I guess the so called men that did this will be beating there chests and telling the tale of how they killed the stag!
The only word that I have for this is disgusting. People like the man who shot this magnificant INNOCENT animal should be hunted themselves. I personally think that people like this should face harsher prosecutions. A life is a life, why is it that a human's life is worth more than an animals'? It disgusts me, this guy walked off with a pair of antlers as a trophy. Gross.


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Yes, this made me very upset :( Such a beautiful and majestic creature cut down before he could pass his magnificent genes on to his offspring :(


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It's shameful :( There's just been some snooty landowner type on the telly being interviewed. He was defending the right of the hunter and saying it was perfectly legal and acceptable :(

It might be legal, but it's so wrong. What a screwed up world we're living in