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Extra Easy: Ansley Harriot cous cous

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Rachjw2504, 6 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Rachjw2504

    Rachjw2504 Member

    Can someone help me syn ainsley Harriot cous cous. Any one which is the less syns made up. Thank you :)
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  3. shezam

    shezam Silver Member

    i think chilli is only 2, 3 at the most :)
  4. i_am_plankton

    i_am_plankton Full Member

    The lowest is spice sensation, 1.5 syns per packet with water only, my favourite too!
  5. Rachjw2504

    Rachjw2504 Member

    Thanks everyone. I love it
  6. jessie15

    jessie15 Full Member

    My favourite too!!!
  7. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Gold Member

    Lidl roasted veg couscous is lovely, 39p and 0.5 syn :)
  8. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    Next time you get a packet would you mind having a look at the ingredients for me and seeing if there is any dairy products in it? Like whey or lactose? I'm assuming it's going tobe veggie with a name like that? Thanks, I would make a trip to Lidl and stock up for a while if I could eat that .
  9. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Gold Member

    Hmm milk I see?

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  10. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    Thanks a lot Bunnylush X

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